General Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday
of each month with exception of December.

Fort Worth Central Library (Downtown)
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Tandy Auditorium

6:30 - 7:45 pm - Doors open at 6:00 for coffee

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Next Meeting

Tuesday - 30 October 2018

Speaker: Carlene Johnson

Topic: Soldiers Homes: Researching at Beauvoir


2018 Schedule

January Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Dr. June Koelker

Topic: Researching with Archives at TCU

The Mary Couts Burnett Library on the TCU campus can be an important resource for genealogy research. Dr. Koelker will discuss the many finding aids available from the web, full text documents available from the library’s digital repository and walk-in access to material in Special Collections that will be of value to genealogists.

February Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Clay Patterson, FSA Scot

Topic: “Writing a Family History”

The hardest part is getting started. Clay will share ideas on assembling & writing your family history, no matter how large or small, and perhaps even publishing it for the benefit of others. Many previously unknown cousins, some who know more of our family than we do, “come out of the woodwork” with new information when a family history work is published.

March Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Nancy Maxwell

Topic: Using PERSI - (PERiodical Source Index)

The Periodical Source Index is a unique subject index for genealogy and local history periodical articles. It was created by the staff of the Allen County Public Library Foundation and the ACPL's Genealogy Center. Genealogical researchers have found it to be a superior research tool. Come find out how you can use it too.

April Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Sheryl Rasher

Topic: More Than Just Common Census,
A Look At Non-Population Schedules

While population schedules count people, in the 19th century, non-population schedules were used to identify and quantify the country’s resources. Agriculture, manufacturer, mortality, and social statistics schedules are some of those completed with the U.S. Federal census between 1850 and 1900. These provide insight to our ancestors and their communities. Content, genealogical value and availability of these rich records will be discussed.

May Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Suzanne Fritz

Topic: Genealogy Resources at the Fort Worth Library

Learn about available resources at the Fort Worth Library to help you begin or continue your genealogy research project. This presentation includes an overview of print, microfilm, and database genealogy resources at the Fort Worth Library. The new digital archives will also be highlighted.

June Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Pearl Dill

Topic: Deciphering Old Handwriting

Experienced Genealogists know that eventually you have to try your hand at reading an original deed, will, or family letter written in the old style of handwriting. You cannot always rely on transcriptions or they may not even be available. Knowing the practices and customs of handwriting from previous times will be invaluable to reading these documents. Not knowing them leads to misinterpretations and costly mistakes.

July Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Judy Ramos

Topic: Writing about my ancestors made me a better genealogist

When Judy joined a group of genealogists tasked with writing one ancestor article each week for an entire year, she had to look for each ancestor’s personal story, fill in gaps and get around brick walls, and give everyone their own personality. Judy will show you how to go beyond names, dates, and places to bring your ancestors’ stories to life using easy and practical tips you can use immediately.

August Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Ann McKee

Topic: Newspapers, A Resource For Genealogists: Discovering Family History Through the Portal to Texas History and The Gateway to Oklahoma History

By using newspapers found on these two free databases, I solved some family mysteries and discovered interesting facts about the lives of my ancestors. Learning about how my ancestors interacted with the communities where they lived made them "come alive" and increased my understanding of things they valued. Newspapers are a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the lives of their ancestors.

September Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Linda Simmons

Topic: Locating Records of the War of 1812

Often called the Second War for Independence, the War of 1812 created so many records for modern genealogists. Many Americans participated and with pay and bounty land given for service as well as pensions and widow’s pensions, the odds are good that you will find an ancestor who participated.

October Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Carlene Johnson

Topic: Genealogical Research at the Beauvoir estate

The Beauvoir estate was the post war home of the former President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.

Plus: Election of 2019 Officers

November Meeting Flyer

Speaker: TBA

Topic: TBA


Plus: Installation of Officers


Meetings are not typically scheduled in December

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