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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory

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Arranged by Barbara Knox


This listing originally appeared in nine consecutive issues of Footprints beginning with the November 1996 issue. Footprints is the quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. It is reprinted here with permission.
The first portion of this Directory was published in the August 1968 issue of Footprints, by the late Betty Coburn Winchester, then editor, and was never completed. Only the 'A' listing was published, in addition to miscellaneous information pertaining to county commissioners, Justices of the Peace, stage lines, churches, ctc.

[Quoting from the Introduction to the Directory:]

"....we have made a thorough and complete canvass of the city and have spared neither time, care or expense in making the work as complete and attractive as possible. Each residence has been located as accurately as possible; the entire ignorance on the part of residents, of the names and location of streets, together with the absence of numbers, have rendered the task a very difficult one.

"A complete canvass gives 2,470 names within the corporate limits of the city. Taking the ratio of four to a name, which is considered to be a just and fair one, the population of Fort Worth is shown to be 9,880, or in round numbers, 10,000.

"There is no work which a city of the size and great amount of transient travel of Fort Worth needs more than a Directory. This is a well known fact to everyone who has traveled much, or found himself in a strange city.

"To our advertising patrons whose public spiritedness has enabled us to publish the work, and to the gentlemen whose courtesy has been extended in enabling us to gather information of interest, we return our thanks, and hope they will be amply remunerated for their outlay."



AARON, William A., carpenter, res. Rusk bet 14th & 15th Sts

ABBOTT, George, works A C & J. S. Crawford, rms store

ABBOTT, Will, barber, Zach Gilmore. bds TransContinental Hotel

ABELS, Morris, clk Sanger Bros, rms store

ABSTON, Henry, carpenter, res Elm near south city limits

ADAMS, Collin, clk William T. Gay; res 17th bet Elm and Pecan

ADAMS, Dudley, teamster, res 14th east of Elm

ADAMS, Goodwin A., lab, res 17th bet Elm and Pecan

ADAMS, Henry (col) res n s 2nd east of Elm

ADAMS. I.O., bartender, Apollo Garden, bds same

ADAMS, Jacob, laborer, res Belknap, west of Cherry

ADAMS, John, lab, bds Franklin Darnell

ADAMS, John W., lab, home Collin Adams

ADAMS, Tolbert S., saloon, w s Houston bet 3rd & 4th; bds Dillon House

ADCOX, Mrs. H. E. (wid), home Wm. E. McCabe

ADLER, Charles, clk Joseph Sommenberg, rooms Travelers Home

ALDERMAN, James W., res ne corner 6th and Pecan

ALDRICH, D. C. wholesale grocer and commission merchant, 51 Houston bet 2nd & 3rd res n s 3rd west of Burnet

ALDRIDGE, William H., newspapers, periodicals, confectionery &c., 253 Main bet 15th & 16th, rooms same

ALEXANDER, Mrs. Alvira (col) res Sixth east of Elm

ALEXANDER, James H. clks and bds John T. Mason

ALEXANDER, John P. Postmaster Officer east side Main bet 2nd & 3rd, rooms over office

ALEXANDER, Killis (col) res n s Second west of Elm

ALFORD, James P. res n w cor Second and Taylor

ALFORD, Miss Jennie, school teacher, home James P. Alford

ALLEN, George, saddler, res s s 12th bet Jennings Ave & Monroe

ALLEY, Gill, horse trader, rooms s e corner 2nd and Calhoun

ALLEN, John A., teamster, res 17th bet Elm and Pecan

ALLEN, Lou B., (wid), res Throckmorton bet Bluff & Belknap

ALLEN, Moses (col lab, res 14th, near east city limits

ALLEN, Nelson barber for and bds A. S. Hart

ALLEN, Samuel Y., waiter F. M. Snow's restaurant, bds same

ALLEN, Thomas T., agent Thomas Caden & Co., bds El Paso Hotel

ALLEN, William H., boarding house, Throckmorton bet 15th & 16th

ALLISON, Harriet (col) res s s Bluff bet Houston & Throckmorton

ALLISON, Henry, carpenter, res cor 17th and Grove

ALLISON, James, second cook Clark House

ALLISON, Rachael (col) home Mollie Ruffin

ANDERSON, A. J. (J. C. Basel & Co), rooms at shop

ANDERSON, A. M., cook Trans-Continental Hotel

ANDERSON, Augustus, elk Miller & Anderson, home W. C. Anderson

ANDERSON, E. M. druggist w s Houston bet 1st & Weatherford bds Mrs. Blackstone

ANDERSON, Joseph, stock dealer, res n s 5th bet Lamar and Taylor

ANDERSON, Joseph B., clk Glucksman & Co., res n s Weatherford, bet Taylor and Lamar

ANDERSON, Mrs. Mary (wid) home Samuel Hanby

ANDERSON, Thomas, cook, res ss Bluff bet Throckmorton and Houston

ANDERSON, W. C. (Miller & Anderson) res lst Street s Broadway bet Main and Jennings Ave.

ANDERSON, William D., night yard master T. & P. RR; res bet 15th and 16th

ANDERSON, William P., (Miller & Anderson), res lst s of Broadway, bet Main & Jennings

ANDERSON, Zachariah J. (Hinchman & Anderson), bds Dillon House

ANDREWS, Albert T., home Mrs. Catharine Andrews

ANDREWS, Mrs. Catharine (wid) res Bluff head of Weatherford

ANDREWS, George, res Bluff head Weatherford

ANDREWS, Miss Kitty home Mrs. Catharine Andrews

ANDREWS, Mrs. Sallie (wid), res n e cor Jones & First

ANDREWS, Thomas, stockdealer, bds Mrs, V. M. Cummings

ANHEUSER, E. CO'S BREWING ASSOCIATION, Henry Elbert, agt, off & depot cor s Main bet lst & 2nd

ANSELL, Arthur D. (Ansell & Dunn) rooms at office

ANSELL & DUNN (Arthur D. Ansell, John S.Dunn), physicians/surgeons, off w s Houston & 3rd

ARCHEE, William, wks Kendall & Polly, bds Egbert Polly

ARKINSON, Frank, hostler Fort Worth Street, R'y Co's stables, rooms same

ARMSTRONG & CARR, (James D. Armstrong & Frank P. Carr), lumber, lath, shingles, sash, doors, blinds, moldings &c., office & yard, Jennings ave bet 13th & 14th

ARMSTRONG, James D. (Armstrong & Carr) office Jennings Ave bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth

ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Sarah (wid), res w s Houston bet Eleventh and Twelfth

ARNER, Jacob, carpenter, res cor Eighth and Grove

ARNOLD, Miss Bettie, home Thomas A. Tidball

ARNOLD, Miss Elizabeth R., teacher Arnold, Walden Institute, west end Fourth

ARNOLD, John F. (Arnold Paddock & Arnold), res St.Louis ave near south city limits

ARNOLD, Miss lzna, home Clark House

ARNOLD, PADDOCK & ARNOLD (J. F. Arnold, B. B. Paddock & R. F. Arnold) attorneys, offce e s Main bet 2nd & 3rd, upstairs

ARNOLD, Robert F. (Arnold, Paddock & Arnold), bds John F. Arnold

ARRINGTON & BELL (James N. Arrington, Frank W. Bell) attorneys, office n s Second bet Main and Houston

ARRINGTON, James N. (Arrington & Ball) rooms at office

ASHBY, Joseph (Padgitt Bros), res Houston street

ASHFORD, James A., book keeper City Flouring Mills, res n s Fifth west of Cherry

ASHLEY, George, Elm St, Charles Hotel, bds same

ASKWORTH, Charles P., physician and surgeon, office Clark House, bds same

ASKEW, J. H. proprietor Virginia House n w cor 15th & Calhoun

ASKINS, James B., wagon maker, shop cor 4th & Throckmorton, res s s Throcmorton bet 5th & 6th

ASTON, Thomas, meat market, w s Main bet 15th & 16th, res w s Main bet 1lth & 12th

AUSTIN, Charles (col) barber Zach Gilmore, res Main opp Street Car Stables

AUSTIN, William H., book keeper First National Bank, bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

AYCOCK, Miss May P., home George W. Middleton

AYRES, Charles cook Waverly.[House]


BAKUS, D. C., bds Illinois House

BACKUS, Charles, teamster, res c s Main, second house south of T & P RR.

BAGLEY, John H., bds 0. T. Bassett

BAILEY, Alfred W., conductor T & P RR, bds Clark House

BAILEY, James M., teamster, res Hemphill near T&P RR BAILEY, John M., teamster, res Hemphill near T&P RR

BAIN, Charles, Prop. Weatherford, Jacksboro and Fort Griffin Stage Line, office e s and Fifth

BALLENFANTE, Joseph, res east of Jennings Ave south of city limits Main bet 4th & 5th, rooms 31 Houston.

BAIN, Columbus C., drayman, res n e cor 8th & Grove

BAKER, Edward (Baker & Powers), res s s Weatherford bet Calhoun and Jones BAKER, Ephraim W., policeman, res Colorado east of Elm

BAKER, George, hostler Black House

BAKER & POWERS (Edward Baker, A. G. Powers), blacksmith shop s s Weatherford bet Houston & Throckmorton

BAKER, Robert, hackdriver, res Colorado east of Elm

BALCOLM, Milton A., wagon maker, bds Tarrant Hs [House]

BALDRIDGE, William H. (W. H. Baldridge & Co), res c s Main ninth house south of T&P RR.

BALDRIDGE, William H. & Co. (W. H. Baldridge & ---- Co), druggists, dealers in paints, oils and glass, stationery &c, s w cor Houston & 15th

BELL, Frank W. (Arrington & Bell) res s e cor Calhoun & 5th

BELLANFANTE, Joseph, res east of Jennings ave south of city limits.

BALLEW, William H. res n w cor Grove & 15th

BANKER, Charles, bartender Merchants Exchange Saloon, bds John Hoffman

BANKS, John, salesman, Armstrong & Carr

BANNON, John, wks E. Saffroi, bds same

BARKER, Mrs. Lizzie, wks King D. Bateman

BARLOW, Frank, gardner, bds Mrs. F. M. Marracong

BARLOW, Henry, carpenter, bds Mrs. F. M. Marracong

BARLOW, John E. Banker, res s c Broadway bet Jennings ave & Hemphill

BARLOW, Joseph B., carpenter and builder, res s s 3rd e of Elm

BARNES, Robert H (Williams Bros & &mes), res w s Calhoun bet Bluff and Belknap

BARNES, William, clk Mansion Hotel

BARNEY, Owen, blacksmith P. H. Grady, bds same

BARR, Thomas M. (Taylor & Barr), bds El Paso Hotel

BARR, William, dairyman, res Calhoun nr so city limits

BARRADELL & BRO (C. W. Barradell & Bros),

BARRADELL, N. D. (Barradell & Bros), rooms over store

BARRELL, John, fireman, City Flouring Mills

BARRO, Louis (Kahn & Barro), rooms at store

BARROW, John T., lab, [laborer) res in n Bluff near east city limits

BARTHOLOMEW, C. F., upholster, bds James B. Askins

BARTON, James C., clk H. J. Dutton, rooms store

BASEL, J. C. (J. C. Basel & Co.) res n s Belknap bet Throckmorton & Taylor

BASEL, J.C. & CO (J. C. Basel, A. J. Anderson), gunsmiths, shop s s Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton

BASS, Elijah, farmer, res bet Belknap and Bluff near river

BASS, James, res bet 2nd & 3rd east of Elm

BASSETT, Oscar T. (0. T. Bassett & Co), res n w cor 12th & Jennngs ave

BASSETT, O.T. & CO. (0. T. Bassett, H. R. Seward), lumber, doors, sash, &c., office and yard n w comer Houston and 10th

BASSMAN, Mrs. Maggie, works John M. Lyles

BAST, George Y. (George Y. Bast & Co) res New Florence, Mo.

BAST, GEORGE Y & CO. (George Y. Bast, William H. Bast), clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, w.s. Houston bet 3rd & 4th

BAST, William, manager George Y Bast & Co, rooms at store

BAST, William H. (George Y. Bast & Co), res Montgomery City, Mo.

BATEMAN & BRO. (King D. and William Q.), grocers, w s Houston bet Belknap & Weatherford

BATEMAN, John B., salesman Bateman & Bro., bds K. D. Bateman

BATEMAN, King D. (Bateman & Bra), res s s Belknap near east city limits

BATEMAN, William Q. (Bateman & Bro), res Jefferson, Texas

BATTLE HOUSE, A. H. Thomas Proprietor, cor s s square & Rusk

BATTLES, Alvin, carpenter, bds James B. Askins

BAUER, Thad, clk Miller & Anderson, bds Daniel R. Miller

BAYNE, Charles, drummer J. H. Brown.

BEALL, Rev. Daniel R., res n s Third east of Crump

BEALL, Elias J., M. D., office n s First bet Main & Houston; res s s 5th bet Lamar & Taylor

BEALL, J. Frank, (Greene & Beall), res s s 3rd east of Elm

BEAR, T. L., bds European Hotel

BEARDSLEY, Phineas, clk D. C. Aldrich, bds Dillon House

BEARDSLEE, [sic] Reuben, clk D. C. Aldrich, bds Dillon House

BECK, Daniel S., tinsmith, res n s Weatherford bet Jones and Grove

BECK, Henry, carpenter, bds Fred Foshall

BECK, Stanford W., cabinet maker Faker & Co., bds cor 7th & Throckmorton

BECKER, George, boot and shoemaker, w s Houston bet 2nd & 3rd, bds George Wheeler

BECKER, George, Jr., bartender Apollo Garden, bds same

BECKHAM, Pink (col) res 12th bet Calhoun and Rusk

BECKHAM, Robert E. (Terrell & Beckham), City Mayor, res n e cor 4th & Burnett

BEDAIR, Charles, carpenter, res Henderson s w of T & P RR.

BEDALL, Clara, wks DeWitt C. Pendery

BEHRENS, John (Behrens & Kenworthy) res Wichita, Kansas

BEHRENS & KENWORTHY (John Behrens and Hugh Kenworthy) manufacturers of soda and mineral waters n s 9th bet Main and Houston

BEHRMAKER, John, baker E. Krohn, rooms at store

BEHMAKER, John, baker Zimmerman & Lee, bds Tarrant House

BELCHER, John J., freighter, res s s Bluff west of Burnett

BELL, Alexander, teamster, res Throckmorton bet 14th & 15th

BELL, Edgar (col) waiter Transcontinental Hotel

BELL, Gabriel (col) res 14th near east city limits

BELL & HADLEY (William M. Bell, William J. Hadley), proprs Illinois House, e s Houston bet 1lth & 12th

BELL, Miner J., teamster, res Belknap west of River

BELL, Williwn (Bell & Hadley), res Illinois House

BELLCOM, Milton, res s e corner Taylor & 4th

BELT, John, asst book keeper, First National Bank; bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

BENCK, John, elk, res s w cor Rusk & 15th

BENJAMIN, J. F. salesman Willingham Bros., bds Dillon House

BENNETT, Charles, fruits and confectionery, w s Main bet 2nd & 3rd, res same

BENNETT, Daniel (col), res Bluff bet Taylor & Throckmorton

BENNETT, D. C., dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, carpets &c., Houston bet 2nd & 3rd, res near north city limits

BENNETT, Mrs. E., dressmaker, res w s Main bet 13th & 14th

BENNETT, Mrs. E., Proprietress Clark House, Main opp Depot

BENNETT, James (col) res Ninth bet Rusk & Calhoun

BENNETT, James N., res w s Main bet 13th & 14th

BENNETT, Lula, res Eighth bet Jones & Calhoun

BENOIST, Mrs. Josie, res n w cor 1st and Jones

BENTON, Edmund D,, carpenter, W. V. Cromwell, res Throckmorton north of Bluff

BENTLEY, John, machinist W. C. Peters

BENTON, William W., water hauler, res e s Main 6th house south of T&P RR.

BERGIN, Edward T. (John A. Bergin & Son), bds John A Bergin

BERGIN, John A. (John A. Bergin & Son), res n s square opp Courthouse

BERGIN, JOHN A & SON (John A. Bergin and Edward T. Bergin), marble yard, n s square opp courthouse

BERGMANN, Mary (wid), home Edward Krohn

BERNHARDT, Hugo, clk I. Goldberg & Co., rooms at store

BERNIER, Dennis, gardener, res bet Calhoun and Main nr s city limits

BERRY, Miss Annie, home J. M. Berry

BERRY, Charles E., clk El Paso Hotel

BERRY, John M., wks T&P RR, res Calhoun first s of RR

BERRY, Miss Mollie, home John M. Berry

BERRY, Washington (col) res n e cor 6th and Grove

BEWLEY, Murray P., res cast of Elm north of Nichols

BIBB, Sumter T., bookkeeper El Paso Hotel

BIDDY, Calvin H., lab, res bet Hempstead & Wheeler near RR

BILLINGSLEY, Jonathan, prop. Fish Wagon Yard n w cor 6th & Burnett, res same

BINYON, James R., drayman, res Hemphill s of Broadway

BINYON, Paschal B., res Jennings ave s of Broadway

BIRD, W. C., groceries and provisions, Weatherford bet Houston & Throckmorton, bds Transcontinental

BIRGE, John C., saddler, bds Mrs. Rebecca Parker

BISHOP, Charles, lab., bds J. Waterman

BISHOP, Mary (wid) res s e cor Sixth & Throckmorton

BIVINS, James K. (Bivins & Venable), res Kildare, Texas

BIVINS & VENABLE (J. K. Bivins, G. C. Venable), manufacturers and dealers in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, shingles, e s Houston bet 8th & 9th

BLACK, David (col) porter Waverly [House]

BLACK, John, fireman City Gas Works, bds William Vale

BLACK, Robert E. (Witherspoon & Black) rooms at office

BLACKBURN, Joseph (col) res s e Main bet 8th & 9th

BLACKSTONE, Mrs. E. S. (wid) boarding house, s e cor 1st and Throckmorton

BLACKSTONE, Jno F., vegetable dealer, bds Mrs. E. S.Blackstone

BLAINE, Stephen F., boot and shoemaker w s Main bet lst & 2nd, res same

BLAIR, David I., clk res cor Elm & Nichols

BLAIR, Miss Mary, res cor 8th & Calhoun

BLAIR, William C., bds David J. Blair

BLANDIN, George W., res n s Second east of Elm

BLANDIN, John, teamster City Flouring Mills

BLANDIN, William F. (Wolcott & Blandin) res cor Evans & 2nd

BLONDEL, Emil, bartender, bds F. Lanter

BLOODGOOD, C. M. canvasser Singer Sewing Machine

BLOODGOOD, Mrs. Levisa (wid) home Gideon Nance

BLUMER, Edward, brakeman, T & P RR; bds E. A. Burton

BOARDMAN, Samuel, res n s Third, e of Elm

BOAZ, David (Boaz, Pitts & Myles) res n s Bluff bet Pecan and Elm

BOAZ, PITTS & MYLES (David Boaz, Henry B. Pitts, Thomas Myles) dealers grain & cotton, s end Houston opp depot

BOAZ, Robert L., res w s Throckmorton bet 2nd & 3rd

BOGLE, Richard, clk Charles Bennett; bds same.

BOHART, Mrs. Catharine, res nw cor 3rd & Crump

BORART, Frank J., prop. Bismarck Saloon & Bowling Alley, e s Main bet ist & 2nd, res n w cor 3rd & Crump

BOHN, A. merchant tailor, e s Main bet 1st & 2nd

BOMAR, Benjamin F., machinist, bds F.A.S. Gorman

BONE, Alexander, books & stationery w s Houston bet 1st & 2nd; bds Peers House

BOND & CO (Henry D. Bond, John F. Peyri) fruits, confectionery & cigars, w s Houston bet 3rd & 4th

BOND, Edward F., wks M. L. Fleishel & Co res e s Main, Sixth house s of T&P RR.

BOND, Henry D. (Bond & Co.) w s Main bet 1st & 2nd res same

BONDURANT, Henry L., carpenter & builder, shop s s 2nd bet Rusk & Calhoun, res w s Calhoun bet 2nd & 3rd

BONDURANT, James B., carpenter, E. L. Bondurant, bds same.

BONDURANT, John A., carpenter, res w s Calhoun bet 2nd & 3rd

BOOKER, Albert (col) porter Daggett & Hatcher

BOOTH, John W., painter W. Rosenthal, bds Battle House

BOSTWICK, Joseph, painter P. H. Grady, bds M. Kelk.

BOTTO, C. L., vegetable dealer, w s Houston bet 2nd & 3rd res 1st St.

BOTTO, Lewis T., fruit dealer, res s s lst east of Elm

BOULWARE, Thomas C., cotton buyer, res Ochiltree, near SW city limits

BOUND, Frederick J., boot & shoe maker, 1st bet Main & Houston; res ns 4th, e of Crump.

BOUND, John, shoe maker with above; res ns 4th, e of Crump

BOWDRY, P. I., res ws Monroe, bet 12th & 13th

BOWE, George W., hide buyer, A. W. Littlehale & Bro., bds Peers House

BOWMAN, Ella, wks Frank Twombly

BOWMAN, James, teamster, res ns Weatherford near River

BOYD, Robert S., clk Trans-Continental Hotel

BOYLE, Joseph, clk D. Cook, bds same

BRACKETT, Mrs. Hope E. (wid), home George R. Garrison

BRADFORD, Eugene, proprietor Labelle House, ne corner Houston & 15th; res same

BRADFORD, Nat C., agent Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, res w s Jennings Ave s of T&P

BRADNER, William W., res n e cornr Jones and 4th

BRADY, Mrs. Hariet R. (wid) home E. H. Forsythe

BRADY, Thomas, wks J. T. Wilkes, rooms same

BRANCH, James, tobacco, cigars and pawnbroker, office ns 2nd bet Main & Houston, rms at office & boards Rev. R. Loaan

BRANDON, Andrew, carpenter, res e s Elm bet Bluff & Nichols

BRANDON, John, carpenter, res Bluff e of Elm

BRANDON, Richard, painter, res n s Bluff w of Burnett

BRANNON, James M., traveling salesman J. H. Brown, bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

BRATTON, David C. (Norvell & Bratton) bds D. F. Norvell

BRATTON, Miss Mary, home of William F. Ferguson

BRAZELL, James, bds Michael Sullivan

BRAZELTON, Thomas W., salesman Cowen & Buchanan, bds Mrs. E. Phillips

BRAZELTON, William B., Bookkeeper for Cowen & Buchanan

BREEN, Mrs. Ann (wid) res s s Weatherford near River

BREWER, Joseph C. (Cetti, Brewer & Co); bds El Paso Hotel

BREWER, William, saddler R. F. Tackabery; bds same

BRIDGES, B., farmer, bds Mansion House

BRIDGES, Albert A., carpenter for H. L. Bondurant, res cornr Rusk & 8th

BRIMM, Rev. William W., pastor, First Presbyterian Church; res n s Weatherford c of Elm

BRIN, Julius (J & S Brin) res ne corne 1st & Calhoun

BRIN, J & S (Julius & Samuel) dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats and furnishing goods, cor 1st & Houston

BRIN, Leon, clk, J.& S. Brin; bds Samuel Brin

BRIN, Samuel (J & S Brin) resid over store

BRINTON, Joseph, painter W. Rosenthal bds Tarrant House

BRITTON, Alfred M., vice-president City National Bank, res Adams sw T&P RR

BROADUS, C. E. apprentice Georoe E. Taylor, res Rusk St,

BROCKMAN, Daniel (col) res n s Bluff bet Calhoun & Rusk

BROCKMAN.. Henry (col) res s s 3rd e of Crump

BROCKMAN, Richard (col) res s s 3rd e of Crump

BROCKMAN, Stewart (col) porter J. H. Brown, res 7th e of Elm

BROGDON, Benjamin, lab bds Mrs. M. Lasky

BRONSON, Theodore C., wks T&P RR bds U. S. Hotel

BROOKS & EARL (William B. Brooks, Harry D. Earl) physicians, surgeons and druggists, w s Houston bet 1st & 2nd

BROOKS, William (co]) lab, res n of Nichols, e city limits

BROOKS, William B. (Brooks & Earl) res n w cornr Weatherford & Grove

BROPHY, Daniel, real estate agent, bds Peers House

BROPHY, James, real estate dealer, bds Peers House

BROTHERTON, Mark A., clk Massie & Pettus, bds Samuel G. Graves

BROWN, Mrs. C. D., millinery and dress-making; s w cor Main & 3rd

BROWN, Daniel S., carpenter & builder; shop s w cor 2nd & Throckmorton; res s e cor Burnett & 2nd

BROWN, Edward B., res s s Third bet Grove & Pecan

BROWN, Elisha M. (Ellis & Brown) res n e cor 16th & Pecan

Brown & Elser (Joseph M. Brown & Max Elser) pianos and organs, musical instruments, sheet music &c, 25 Houston bet 1st & 2nd

BROWN, Frank, (col) res 16th near east city limits

BROWN, FRANK M., butcher Thomas Aston, res same

BROWN, F. H. & Co. (Fred H. Brown & Co) dealers pianos and organs; Houston bet 4th & 5th

BROWN, Fred H. (F. H. Brown & Co) bds Mrs. M. B. Norwood

BROWN, George, asst. shipping clk, J. H. Brown

BROWN, George H., bds Ed. B. Brown

BROWN & GRIGSBY (Perry Brown & William Grigsby) proprs El Paso saloon e s Main bet lst & 2nd

BROWN, Henry (col) (Cook & Brown) res cor 8th & Rusk

BROWN, James W., livery, sale & feed stable, n w cor 2nd & Rusk, res n s Belknap bet Houston & Throckmorton

BROWN, J. G., hide buyer Gurley & Co, Ft. Griffin, Texas

BROWN, John G., wks Wims & Johnson, rooms same

BROWN, John T. (Watts & Brown) bds Snow's restaurant

BROWN, Joseph H., wholesale grocer, n e cor 1st & Throckmorton res n w cor 11th & Lamar

BROWN, Joseph M. (Brown & Elser) res cor 3rd & Main

BROWN, Joseph M. Jr., carpenter, res Adams s w of T & P RR

BROWN, LaFayette R., local editor, Daily & Weekly Tribune; bds T. J. Netherry

BROWN, Mahalor (co]) res e s Main bet 9th & 10th

BROWN, Milton, clk Daniels & Rea, res s end Calhoun

BROWN, Perry (Brown & Grigsby) rooms at store

BROWN, Reuben J., tanner, W. C. Cherry

BROWN, Mrs. Ruth, bds Ridgeway House

BROWN, Mrs. Ruth (wid) lives home Mrs. Elizabeth L. Looling

BROWN, S., bds with Thomas J. Prindle

BROWN, Stephen D., driver express wagon, res n s 15th bet Houston & Throckmorton

BROWN, Thomas, carpenter, boards Mrs. F. M. Narracong

BROWN, Thomas F., res w s Houston bet 12th & 13th

BROWN, William, salesman S. P. Tucker; res e s Galveston s of Broadway

BROWN, William B., route agent, res n s 3rd bet Calhoun & Jones

BROWN, William H., bds William W. Dunn

BROWNSON, John, res Rusk s of T&P RR

BRUCE, Augustus, farmer, res n of Nichols near e city limits

BRUNO, John (col) porter Robinson Bros & Co

BRUNSWIG, Lucien N., druggist, 37 Houston bet 2nd & 3rd; bds El Paso Hotel

BRUNTON, Theodore C., yard master T&P RR; bds U. S. Hotel

BRYAN, John, policeman, bds Ridgeway House

BUCHANAN, Joseph, farmer, liv home Francis I. Stuart

BUCHANAN, William (Cowen & Buchanan) res Sulphur Station, Texas

BUCK, Albert, butcher, Canto & Stein; bds Slaughter House

BUCK, Howard D. (Witwer & Buck) res s w cor lst & Lamar

BUCKLEY, Daniel, bds Central House

BUCKLEY, James D. (Heath, Myers & Buckley) res Grove bet 17th & 18th

BUFFINGTON, L. M., clk, bds William W. Dunn

BUNTAIN, Miss Bettie, liv home R. S. Philpot

BUNTAIN, Miss Luella, liv home R. S. Pbilpot

BURCH, William H., saloon e s square bet Weatherford & Belknap; res 4 mi fr city

BURCHELL, Mrs. Belle M., private school, e s Grove bet 4th & Fifth; res n w cor 5th & Pecan

BURCHELL, George S., box clk Post Office; res n w cor Pecan & 5th

BURGE, John C., saddletree maker; bds with Rebecca Parker

BURKS, Daniel M. (Burks & Matkin) bds with W. H. Aaron

BURKS & MATKIN (D. M. Burks, Rollie Matkin) meat market, w s Houston bet 12th & 13th

BURNETT, S. B., stock dealer, bds with M. B. Uyd

BURNS, Miss Emma, res cor 8th & Calhoun

BURNS, Kitty, res 9th bet Calhoun & Jones

BURNSIDE, John B., clk J. N. Manuel & Co.; bds El Paso Hotel

BURR, Samuel Y., hack driver, res n w cor 2nd & Elm

BURRIDGE, William, second miller, City Flouring Mills

BURRIS, Green (col) res n s Colorado east of Elm

BURRISS, William, lab, res Wheeler near T&P RR

BURT, John T., cattle driver, home John J. Harrison

BURTON, Ezra A., carpenter, res & boarding house Rusk s of T&P RR

BURTON, H. H. (Ray & Burton) bds W. M. Ray

BURTON, M. F., guns and ammunition, w s Houston bet 3rd & 4th, res n s 4th bet Lamar & Burnett

BURTON, Thomas J., gunsmith, M. F. Burton; res n s 4th cor Burnett

BURTON, W., yard clk William Cameron lumber yard, bds Mrs. E. Phillips

BURTS & FEILD (William P. Burts, Julian T. Feild) physicians & surgeons, off Main bet 2nd & 3rd

BURTS, William P. (Burts & Feild) res s e cor Rusk & lst

BUSCHEL, Anna (col) res n s 3rd west of Burnett

BUSH, Henry, pantryman Peers House

BUTLER, Edward M., salesman H. M. Morrow & Co; rooms store

BUTLER, Henry H. (col) school teacher, bds Eugene Rollins

BUTLER, William, saddler. bds Ridgeway House

BYRNE, Henry, Prop. Club Room Saloon and Ten Pin Alley, w s Main bet lst & 2nd; res s w cor 4th & Taylor

BYRNE, James J., res w s Main fourth house south of Railway

BYRNE, Peter, blacksmith, res Bluff bet Jones & Calhoun

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