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1877 Fort Worth City Directory

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Contributed by Janis Wamsley


This listing originally appeared in 1987 and 1988 issues of Footprints, the quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. It is reprinted here with permission.
I have typed it as it appeared, I know there are some errors in the original listing and I am sure I have made some myself. If possible it is always good to check the original document. Words that I wasn't sure of or I believe are in error, I put a question mark by and my comments are added in these brackets <>. Janis Wamsley


Abrams, W. W., carpenter, r 1st Street

Adams, T. C., prop. Dew Drop Saloon, 66 Houston

Adams, J. W., salesman Daggett & Hatcher, 24 Pub. Sq

Adams, C., retail grocer, cor 11th & Main, r same

Adams, G. A., clerk, boards cor 11th & Main

Adams, Dudley, r Elm bet. 12 & 13th

Adams, H., r Terrill, bet Elm & Crump

Adams, James, r cor 4th & Lamar

Atkeson, Frank, street car driver, bds 7th bet Main & Houston

Allnig, Jacob, Traveler's Home

Alexander, J. P., postmaster, 49 Main, bds Trans-cont. Hotel

Alexander, J. H., salesman Mason's furniture store 46 Houston

Alexander, F. P., local editor Standard, Peers Home

Alderman, J. W., wheelright, 3 e Belknap

Alford, J. P., capitalist, 8th cor Taylor & 2nd

Allard & Jackson, cont. & bldrs, Belknap bet Rusk & Calhoun

Allen, W. J., alderman, cor Terrill & Throckmorton

Allen, E. C., brakeman T &PRR, U. S. Hotel

Allen, J. A., r Terrill, bet Elm & Crump

Allen, Wm., plasterer, r cor Grove & 1st

Allington, W., carpenter at Fred's on Terrill

Allison, H., mechanic, r Terrill bet Terry & Elm

Anderson, E. M., druggist, 34 Houston, bds Dillon House

Anderson, A., r 29 Main

Anderson, Jos., (col) cook, Cosmopolitan hotel, 42 Main

Anderson, A., runner Clark House

Anderson, J. H., printer, r Rusk, cor 76th (Democrat office)

Anderson, L.C., water hauler, r w 1st

Anderson, W. D., watchman, T&P RR

Anderson, W. L., tinner, Lake & Nash

Anderson, Z. J., mercht. Hinchman & Anderson, r 16 w Weatherford

Anderson & Hill, livery stable, 49 Calhoun

Anderson, N. C., of Anderson & Hill, 49 Calhoun, r same

Andrews, Dave, saddler with R. F. Tackaberry, 18 Public Square

Andrews, G. S., carpenter, r cor Main & 5th

Andrews, Bud, clerk, r cor Main & 5th

Andrews, W. M., of Holland & Andrews, U. S. Hotel

Andrews, Mrs. E., widow, r cor 5th & Main

Andrews, John, hostler, Maddox stable, Rusk & 2nd

Andrews, Wm., laborer, bds at Snows, 12 Public Square

Andrews, A. T., clerk, r cor 5th & Main

Ansley, Wm (col) laborer, r Crump bet 6th & 7th

Armentrout, A., hide & wool house, s.w. Weatherford

Armstrong, J. D., lumber dealers, 15th & Jennings near Rusk & 2nd

Arnold, Jas., hostler, Maddox stable

Arnold, Paddock & Arnold, attys at law, 51 Main upstairs

Arnold, J. F., Arnold Paddock & Arnold, r South rr Tucker's addn

Arnold, Clark, carpenter with Holland & Andrews, foot of Pecan

Arnold, R. F., r east part city Tucker's addn

Ashford, J. A., bkkeeper, Cameron & Co.

Ashworth, C. A., physician, office & r 267 Main

Askew, J. B., carpenter, 111 Rusk

Aston & Knight, meat mkt, 24& 264 Main

Aston, T., of Aston & Knight, 24 Main

Aston, T. E., butcher, 24 Main, bds 13 Main

Atwater, A. T., bkkeeper, Trans-Continental Hotel

Atwood, P. B., carpenter, bds at Snows, 12 s Public Sq

Augustus, Chas. (col) elder col. Church foot of Elm

Austin, Mrs. Wm., r. cor 3rd & Jones

Austin, W. H., bkkeeper, Tidball, Van Zandt & Co, 3rd & Jones

Averson, L., tinner with W. F. Lake, 25 Pub. Square

Bacus, Chas., teamster, 75 Throckmorton

Bagley, W., r Lamar, bet 13th & 14th Jenning's add.

Baily, J. N., wagon yard, RR Add.

Bain, C. & Co., prop. U. S. mail line: off. Trans-cont. Hotel

Bain, Chas. of C. Bain & Co., Trans-continental hotel

Bain, C. C., drayman, r Pecan bet 6th & 7th

Baker, Geo., barkeeper, Ranche saloon, 45 Main

Baker, E., painter, r west city limits

Baldridge, W. H., condr. T & P RR: r Daggett's add, s RR on Main

Baldwin, N. C., r Daggett's 2nd add, Melton & Stone

Ball, F. W., lawyer of Field & Ball, off. Over 1st Nat Bk, r Jones bet 5th & 6th

Bank Saloon, L. Hershel, prop. 2 w 1st

Banks, Jno., lumber mcht., cor 15th & Terrill

Baptist Church, Throckmorton bet 12th & 13th

Barber, Mrs. Wm R., r 57 Houston bet 3rd & 4th

Barker, Y. W., painter, 111 Rusk

Barlow, J. E., banker, r Lamar bet 13th & 14th

Barlow & McCreary, bankers, 214 Houston

Barns, R. H., of Williams Bros & Barns, 15 s Pub. Square

Barns, H. D., confectionery, 5 Main

Barro, L. of Kahn & Barro, 25 Main bds at Cottage House

Barrow, J. T., teamster, r east 1st

Bartholomew, C. L., mattress maker, r 4th & Elm

Bartlett, Parker & Co., stoves, tin-ware, wagons, etc. 38 & 43 Houston

Bartlett, G. S. of Bartlett, Parker & Co., 38 Houston

Bartley, J. W., painter, 18 Terrill

Bassett, O. T. & Co., dealers lumber, etc. 19 Terrill near depot

Batchellor, C. W., carpenter, r 6 Throckmorton

Baughman, T. M., r Jenning's add.

Baumhof, J., butcher, 52 Houston

Beall, J. F., lawyer, r. e. Weatherford

Beall & Van Zandt, physicians, 8 w 1st

Beall, Dr. E. J., physician & surgeon, r cor 5th & Taylor

Bear, J. H., mechanic, La Belle House

Beardmore, E. H., carpenter, r Second

Beavers, G. M., hacks & St. Louis wagon yard, r 7 Throckmorton

Beck, Austin, cabinet maker, 49 n Public Square

Beck, S. W., cabinet maker, 49 n Public Square

Beckers, M. & Co., painters 73 Main

Beckham, of Terrill & Beckham, lawyer, off over postoffice, Main St.

Beggs, J. G., r 80 cor Throckmorton & 3rd

Bell, A. J., r 44 Lamar, cor 2nd

Bemer, M. F., brickyard, Missouri Hotel

Benham, M. A., Traveler's Home

Bennett, D. C., dry goods, etc. 2 Houston & cor Sq r Samuels Ave

Bennett, Mrs. E., proprietress, Clark House

Benton, Danl., r west Bluff

Berguist, Austin, engine wiper T & P RR, U.S. Hotel

Berndt, F. H., cook, 17 Main

Bernhardt, H., salesman G & I Goldburg, 8 Houston

Bibb, S. T., clerk El Paso Hotel

Bigger, W. F., family grocers, 19 Main, cor 1st

Billingsley, J., wagon yard, Burnett bet 3rd & 4th

Binyon, P. P., r Jenning's add.

Binyon, J. R., driver, r Jenning's add.

Bird, W. C. & Co., family groceries, 4 w Weatherford

Bird, N. C., laborer, Pacific Hotel

Bismault, J.C., trader, Traveler's Home

Blackston, Mrs. A. J., boarding house, Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Blackston, J. C. bricklayer

Blackston, Jno. R Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Blackwell, A.E. cattledealer, r 3rd cor Elm

Blackwell, Jno., teamster

Blain, S. A., boot & shoemaker, 26 Main

Blanden, W. F. of Ft. Worth City Mills, r cor 2nd & Evans

Blanden, C. W., grain buyer, r 57 Bluff

Bland, E., clerk, 5 Weatherford

Boardman, C., expressman, r Weatherford bet Grove & Pecan

Boaz, David, r Bluff, e Novelty Mills

Boaz, Wm. J., City Natl Bank, r cor Houston & 5th

Boaz, R. L., float's office, City Natl Bank

Bohn, A., tailor, 14 Main, bds Weatherford

Bohart, J. N. agt W. J. Lemps Beer, Bismark saloon 21 Main, r Calhoun bet 4th & 5th

Bolemus, Julius, painter, r. Rusk bet 6th & 7th

Ballance, E., r Throckmorton nr depot

Bond, H. D., bakery & confectionery, 50 Main

Bond, Chas., laborer R R House

Bond, E. F., yardman T & P RR, r Daggett's add.

Bonds, Jno., shoemaker, 4 w 1st

Bondurant, H. L., carpenter, shop & r cor 2nd & Calhoun

Bondurant, Wm., carpenter, r cor Calhoun & 2nd

Bonnell, Emil, musician, 28 Main, bds Eureka restaurant

Bon Ton saloon, 238 Main, A. Zuhlke Prop'r

Booth, J. W., painter, firm of Beckers & Co., St. Charles Hotel

Bove, G. W., r 56 5th bet Taylor & Throckmorton

Bostain, Chas., mechanic, r. 4th bet Pecan & Calhoun

Bostin, Chas. R Jenning's add.

Bottoms, G. W., lumber dealer, r Terrill

Boulware, T. C cotton buyer with H Meyer & Co., 12 Houston, r s RR

Bound, Jno. boot & shoemaker, 110 Houston, r e end city 4th

Bourndt, F. W., cook Lafayette Res.

Bowdry, P. J., trader, r Lamar bet 7th & 8th

Bowe, G., hide & wool dealer, 26 Weatherford

Bowman, Jas. laborer, r Throckmorton

Boys, A.C., mechanic, 175 Houston

Brach & Rehoefer, grocers, 30 Main cor Belknap & Throckmorton

Brach, R. of Brach & Rehoefer, cor Belknap & Throckmorton

Brandenberg, T. F., confectioneries, 5 W. Weatherford

Bradford, E. prop. La Belle house, 235 Houston

Branford, S.C., sewing mach. Agt., r w 3rd

Bradner, W. W. stoves & sinware, 14s Pub. Sq. bds Rusk cor 4th

Brady, J. T., with J. Will's livery stable, 263 & 265 Main

Brady, Thos. teamster, 249 Main

Bradly, Jno. teamster, r. 2 2nd

Brannon, W. D., drayman r cor Belkanp & Bluff

Brantly, A. B., with Texas Express Co. Trans-cont. Hotel

Brasher, J. C., with Texas Exp. Co. route agt. Tr. Cont. Hotel

Braughman, F. N., carp., Jenning's add.

Brazelton, W. bookkeeper, Cowan & Co.

Brazillian Beverages, D. D. Hoxie, prop. 135 Houston

Brewster, O., capitalist, r 6 Taylor

Brewer, J. C. of Cetti & Brewer, Cosmopolitan hotel

Brick, E.R., cor Belknap & Calhoun

Bridges, A. A., 111 Rusk

Brimm, Rev. W. W. pastor Presbyterian church, r. e Weatherford

Brin, J & S Dry Gds, 22 Houston

Brin, L. clerk J & S Brin

Brinn, Tom barkeeper, Cattle Exchange, 31 Houston

Britton, A. M., Pres. City Natl Bk Trans-cont. hotel

Brockman, G. R., porter, r Adams bet Elm & Crump

Brockman, H., laborer, r 3rd cor Crump

Brockman, E (col) laborer, r 6th cor Calhoun

Brooking, Mrs. S. A., boarding house cor Main & 10th

Brooks & Pennington, druggists, 18 Main

Brooks, Geo. painter, 22 w Weatherford

Brooks, Dr. W. D. of Brooks & Pennington, r. e. portion city

Brooks, G. W. carriage maker, 22 w Weatherford

Brown, Joseph H. merchant, 13 & 15 Houston, r cor 3d & Lamar

Brown, F. H. r Jenning's add.

Brown, J. C., clerk, bds Eureka restaurant, 29 Main

Brown, J. M. contractor, r Jenning's add.

Brown, James, miller, bdsd on Bluff

Brown, Wm salesman J. H. Brown 13th & Houston

Brown, J. W. atty at law: bds Snos 12 s Pub. Square

Brown, F. M., butcher, 264 Main

Brown, J. D. manu. refrig. 19 w Weatherford

Brown, Wolcott & Blandin, prop. City Mills, 37 & 39 Bluff

Brown, Robt, car greaser, T & P RR, U. S. Hotel

Brown, J. W. trader, r 10 w Belknap

Brown, O. R. (col) laundry, 70 Main

Brown, J. M. Jr. r Jenning's add.

Brown, Mrs. C. D. milliner, 253 Main

Brown, J. P. Prop. El Paso saloon, bds 29 Main

Brown, D. S. cont. & bldr. 50 Throckmorton, r cor 2nd & Burnett

Brown, W. B. Mail agt., Mansion Hs.

Brown, E. M. r Pecan bet 15th & Terrill

Brown, W., prop. Waco Tap saloon

Brownly, A. yardman, Cowan & Co.

Brownson, J. boarding house, 262 Rusk

Browning, butcher, Canto & Stein

Bruce, Jno. with Curley & Co.

Bruggaist, A., T&P RR cor Terrill & 16th

Buck, H.D. of Witner & Buck w 1st

Buckley, J. D. of Meyers & Buckly carpenter foot of Pecan

Buffington, L. M. salesman D.C. Bennett, boards Mansion House

Bugg, T. C. carpenter, cor 12th & Main

Bullard, C. M. druggist, 73 Main

Bummett, N. R. saddle maker, r east Ft. Worth

Burch, W. H., saloon e Pub. Square

Burch, Wm., teamster, r w. Weatherford

Burchill, G. S., r Jones bet 4th & 5th

Burchill school house Jones bet 4th & 5th

Burkhardt, Wm with Meyers & Buckley, foot Pecan

Burns, W. mechanic with R. H. King, 9 e Pub. Square

Burns, D. Laborer, r w Belknap

Burns, P. brickmason, 7th bet Main & Houston

Burns, Jas. mechanic Missouri Hotel

Burnside, Jno cattle dealer, Trans-continental Hotel

Burchell, G.S. postoffice Clerk 47 Main

Burton, Will C. actor, Eureka Restaurant

Burton, W. clerk Cameron & Co.

Burton, H. H. prop. O. K. Feed stable Grove cor. 2nd

Burt, J. T. hardware dealer, 35 Houston r 3rd bet Groves & Jones

Burts & Field physicians, 53 Main cor 3rd

Bussey, W. P. with Holland & Andrews foot Pecan

Butler, Geo. 2nd cook with F. M. Snow, 12 s Pub. Square

Butler, E. M. life ins. agt. I.O.O.F.

Butler, E. J. stockman, 12 s Public Square

Butler, Benj. bartender, Lafayette restaurant

Byrne, Gen J. J land agt. T & P RR, r cor 3rd & Main

Byrne, Henry prop. Club Rm Saloon 22 Main, r 4th & Taylor

Byrne, Jno. clerk Club Rm saloon 22 Main, bds cor 4th & Taylor

Callahan, Jno. waiter, 17 Main

Callaway, J. W. family groceries 18 e Belknap

Callaway, G. H. yardman, Cowan & Co.

Cameron, Jno. clerk T & P RR

Cameron, Wm lumber dealer w T& P RR

Campbell, H (col) cook, Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Cannifax, Jas. Musician r Houston

Canto, Gus, meat market 3 e Public Square

Canto, Augustus, butcher, r Belknap

Canto & Stein meant market 4 & 42 Houston

Canto, A. of Canto & Setin, Trans-continental hotel

Carb, I., deputy assessor & collr office Ct. House

Carb, C. salesman Dahlman Bros. Masion House

Carey, Dan supt. City RR, r City RR stable

Carico, Mrs. Rose, milliner u dress maker, cor Rusk & 3rd

Carico, T. I. contractor & bldr, Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Carlisle, J. H. auctioneer firm of Williams & Carlisle

Carnahan, Silas (col) Blacksmith 155 Rusk

Carr, F. P. lumberman of Johnson & Carr, bds, Jno A. Wims

Carrico, A. P. clk D. C. Bennett r Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Carrico, W. D. clerk Rusk cor 3rd

Carroll, J. M. clerk Willingham Bro. 67 Houston

Carroll, E. yardman, Cameron & Co.

Carson, Wm cook, 29 Main

Carson, Wm laborer, r 3rd nr Birdville

Carter, W. M. Travelers Home

Carter & Carswell, attys at law, 12 Houston upstairs

Carter, A. W. r Bluff

Carter, Geo. barkeeper, 66 Houston

Carvell, Jno saddler 3 w Weatherford

Carwill, M. S. rest 8 e pub square

Casey, Pat carpenter 7th bet Main & Houston

Carswell, R. E. firm of Carter and Carswell

Cassidy, R. J. Contr & builder, 7th bet Main & Houston

Castleberry, W.Z. sewing maching agt r 4th cor Pecan

Catholic church, Throckmorton, bet 12 & 13th

Catlett & Fry, boots & shoes, cor Houston & 3rd

Catlett, Jno. E. of Catlett & Fry, Waverly House

Cathrell, Geo (col) with Wims & Johnson, livery stable

Cattle Exchange R. W. Winders, prop. Cor Houston and 2nd

Catts, W. H. hide and wool house, 26 w Weatherford

Cangley, Peter, brickmason, w 3rd

Cavanaugh, E.S. mechanic, 461 Houston

Cavanaugh, Jno. laborer St. Charles Hotel

Centennial Theatre, cor Main & 2nd

Central House, 188 Houston

Cetti & Brewer, land agts. over postoffice

Cetti, Zane, city engineer, r 10th bet Pecan & Calhoun

Chamberlain, F. r 12th bet Pecan & Terry

Chambers, A. J. county assr, office Court House

Cheney & Brick soda water mfrs, cor Belknap & Calhoun

Cheney, O. F. of Cheney & Brock, Trans-cont hotel

Cheesbrough, Maj C. engr. Waverly hotel

Child, C. R. livery man, Mustang stable, Main so of depot

Choixnayder, Dr. R. r cor Groves & 1st

Chisholm, R. A. Europen rest. 47 Houston cor 3rd

Chittwood, A. R. confectionery depot bet Main & Houston

Christian, Chas carpenter, r 3rd cor Crump

Christian, S. W. clerk 35 Public Square

Church, C. C. clerk with Morehead & Co.

Churchwell, Mrs. M. r 126 Houston

City Hall, cor Rusk & 2nd

City Meat market, 40 & 41 Houston

City Natl Bk, 23 s Public Sq.

Clark, Jno S. trader, Dillon House

Clark, S. A. wagoner, boards C. C. Johnson s sd RR

Clark, Wm, family groceries, 11 e Belknap

Clark, Mrs. Nellie, mgr. Clark House

Clark, G. L. hide dealer, bds Fred's on Terrill

Clark, W. D. prop. Travelers Home, Pecan cor 2nd

Clark, Jno., clk Cheney & Brock Peers House

Clarkson, J. T. with R. B. Smith

Clemmons, D. C. (col) porter 16 Public Square

Clingston, H. cabinet maker, r cor 11th & Elm

Clower, W.A. painter, boards A. C. Sneed

Club Room saloon, Henry Byrne prop. 22 Main

Cobb, Harry & Co. Ft. Worth news depot cor Houston & 1st

Cobb, Harry, bookseller, r 3rd bet Calhoun & Jones

Cobb, W. P. bookseller, r 34d bet Calhoun & Jones

Cole & Roberts, prop. Parlor saloon, 10 w Weatherford

Cole, J. P. of Cole & Roberts Peers House

Coleman, R. C. barkeeper, Star saloon 10 Main

Coleman, Tom office above Cattle exh. 31 Main

Coleman, M. L. restaurant, 77 Main

Collins, A. r 11 e Belknap

Collins, L porter (col) 34 Public Square

Comique saloon, cor Houston & 8th

Connell, E. H., Baker 7 w1st

Conroy, James, mechanic, with P H Grady, 161 Houston

Conwell, A. L. agt. Wheeler & Wilson sewing mach. Missouri hotel

Cook, Robt (col) water wagon r 4th Thornton's add.

Cooke, W. Y. & Co. ice deal, Main bet 1st & 2nd

Cooke, W. Y. r east of depot or RR

Cooke, J., waiter with F. M. Snow 12 e Pub. Sq.

Cook, A. r 8t bet Pecan & Grove

Cook, D. groceryman, 259 Main r Jones bet 15th & Terrill

Cook & Moore Prop. Shannon's wagon yard, e Weatherford

Cook, A. of Cook & Moore r cor Weatherford & Groce

Cooper & Pendleton, attys at law over J. H. Brown

Cooper, Thos teamster, r Butnet & 2nd

Cooper J. F. lawyer, r 4th cor Elm

Cooper, J. C. butcher, 2 E. Public Square

Cooper, J. H. painter, r Pecan bet 5th & 6th

Cooper, Milton, r cor 6th & Grove

Cooper, Mrs. Mary laundry, w Belknap

Corley, W. G. r Pecan bet 1st & Weatherford

Cosber, L. H. of W. F. Hogan & Co. 102 Houston

Cosmopolitan hotel, Mrs. L. Scott prop. 42 Main

Costigan, J. V. mechanic, Missouri Hotel

Court House, Public Square

Courtright, T. P. city marshal, r cor Rusk & 2nd

Cowy, W. D. teamster, r. west Weatherford

Cowan, P. D. with Thynge & Co. 100 Houston

Cowen, E. P. & Co. lumber dealers w end R R track

Cowen, R. E. lumberman, Clark House

Covington, P. A. tin shop, 204 Houston

Cozad, Dr. J. T. upstairs bet 8 & 10 Houston

Cox, Thos, barber 19 Main

Crawford & Wheeler photographers, 7 Houston

Crawford, L. W. of Crawford & Wheeler, r cor Elm & 3rd

Crawford, D. R. r Tucker's add s RR

Crawford, F. H. speculator, r cor 4th & Pecan

Cregler, Wm, barkeeper, Centennial Theatre, cor Main & 2nd

Crockett, Joe stage driver, Trans-cont. Hotel

Cromer, F. W. agt. Texas Ex. Co. Trans-cont. Hotel

Cromwell, Geo at Novelty mills, bds 41 w Weatherford

Cromwell, W. V. undertaker, 34 W Pub. Sq. bds Missouri Hot.

Cross, Miss E. J. restaurant, 41 Main

Crozier, A. H. dep. constable, r 3rd e city limit

Crozier, W. J. constable, office ct hs, r 3rd 3 city limit

Crozier, C. Gas & steam fitter, r Pecan bet 12th & 13th

Crutcher & Purdy, copper, tin and sheet iron wkrs, roofing & guttering, s side depot Daggett's 2nd add.

Crutcher, b tinner, r s sd RR Daggett's 2nd add

Cummings, C. C. county judge, Court house

Cummings, Mrs. V. milliner, 192 Houston

Cunningham, P. P. sales with Chas Wall, 26 Houston

Cunningham, Fred, carpenter, r. w city limit

Cunningham, E. L. Houston St. meat market, 52 Houston

Cunningham, J. E. laborer r east Fort Worth

Cunningham, F. N. carpenter with Meyers & Buckley, foot of Pecan

Cunningham, J laborer, 4 3d cor Elm <4=r.>

Curren, Jno mechanic, r 6th bet. Main & Houston

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