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Ellis County Wills - Book A

Abstracted by Barbara Knox


If possible, it is always wise to refer to the  original documents to ascertain exact names, dates and other pertinent information not shown here.  Probate packets  will often contain more information.

Anne Sullivan

Sons Herbert H. and Lucian B Sullivan

Daus Mary A. D. Thomason and Josephine P. Marchbanks;

Other Heirs William Duane Sullivan, H H. Sullivan, J. P. Marchbanks, C. E. A. Lamberson Rec 29 Dec 1852

Peter Apperson

Wife Elizabeth, mother and gdn of minor son James R. Petty; son John Thomas.  Wife named Executrix.

Rec. 11 May 1853

Jane Andrews - page 29

Legatee - Prissilla Smith "$20 for kind attention"

Remainder of estate divided between Joseph A. Dement, J. M. Andrews, Mary F. McKnight, Eleanor F. Crabtree, Jane A. Kooken, Sarah Clayton, dau G. R. Clayton, R. Poemna Goble and T. Emily Goble

Date July 8 1869

Attest A. A. Young and James Gibson

Sworn to before County Judge A. Wright Dec. 27, 1869

Edward Sweatt - page 35

Wife Nancy

Sons Quincy A.,  A. C., Richard V. B., Geo. B. and W. C  Sweatt;

Daus Cynisca, Elizabeth Ligon, Mary P. Davis and Sarah A. Sweatt;

Gr-son James E. Scoly

Heirs: E. C. Sweatt, decd.

Executors: W. C., Q. A. and A. C. Sweatt

Rec. 31 Jan. 1854

David Smith  - page 39

Wife Elizabeth Smith; daus: Nancy Cornett (wife William Connett);  Sarah Kennard (wife Anthony Kennard) and Alsey Maria Smith; Sons: George W. Smith, Elijah P. Smith, James K. Smith, David M. Smith   Grandchildren: Children of [son] Jno. R. Smith; Frances, Elizabeth, Virginia Ann and Jno. R. Jr.; Grandchildren: Wayman H. and Elizabeth Wooley (children of dau Mary Jane Wooley (wife of Resin Wooley).

Executors: sons Elijah P. and James R. Smith

Date 15 July 1843; wit: John R. Kennard and W. E. Kennard

Recorded March, 24, 1854

R. M. Berry

Sister Elizabeth; brother William and father James S. Berry, Rec. 24 April 1855

James Collier  (nuncupative) - page 47

"at time of last sickness 9 Feb 1855"

Mother   (property in State of Georgia), at her death to nephew James W. Collier

Wit: Samuel J. Goodloe, Richard P. Watson, B. W.Watson

Dated Feb. 14, 1855 [not signed]
Recorded: June 3, 1855

James W. Sneed   - page 48

Mother: Mary D. Patton named Executrix without bond
Nieces: Leona M. Hill, Anna C. Sneed, Sarah A. Woodard, Alice Woodward Shelinski;  Brother: Nicholas F. Sneed
Legatee: George Ogilivie

Wit: J. W. Ferris and James H. Ellis
Recorded Nov. 4, 1857

Hiram Sharp   - page 50

Beloved Wife: Julia
Sons: Jesse, John, George, Hiram, William,  I. Sharp
Daus: Martha Jane, Henrietta F., Susan Isabellea, Narcissa R., Matilda T. and Mary C. Sharp
George W. Williams (to be educated and supported from estate funds)
Executrix: wife, Julia
Dated June 30, 1857; Wit: W. Weir, G. W. Sharp, Jesse E. Sharp
Recorded: Nov. 3, 1857

Jacob Groves  - page 53

Beloved Wife Phebe
Granddaughter - Martha (dau Luther Groves decd) to be equal heir with my own children;
Sons: William Finley Groves and James Nelson Groves

Executrix and Executor: wife Phebe Groves and brother Henry Groves
Dated June 12, 1857; Wit: E[li] McJilton and John T. Sevier
Recorded  4 May 1858

Alexander  C. Sweatt    - page 54

Wife  Nancy H. Sweatt;

Executor: Dr. R. P. Sweatt

Dated: March 24, 1858; Wit: John S. Siddons and F. S. Harris
Recorded June 29, 1858

George D. A. McKnight   page 56

Beloved Wife, Elenor Francine McKnight; sons John T. and William E. M. McKnight.  Executor: Brother, S. H. A. McKnight

Dated Jan. 6, 1858. Wit: Ephraim Andrews and S. D. Orr
Recorded Oct. 6, 1858

Edward H. Tarrant

Wife Mary - "all property"

Wade H. Cobb "if living" to ch decd $2000;

Executor Jesse Tarrant Gilliam

Rec. 7 Oct. 1858

John Barnett Groves  - page 61

Beloved Wife Malinda Groves.  She to serve as Executrix with Executor Alexander Groves.

Recorded Feb. 18, 1859

William Strong   - page 63

Beloved Wife Barsheba Matilda
Executor - friend, Z. K. W. Hoge
Dated July 12, 1859; wit: E. C. Newton and John H. Moffett
Recorded Sept. 30, 1859

William B. Laughlin  - page 64

Beloved Wife Rebecca; children [not by name]
Executor: James P. Lauglin
Dated Aug. 2, 1859; Wit: E. C. Newton and B. P. McFarlin
Recorded Oct. 1, 1859

Mary M. Sweatt  - page 66

Sons: Jno . J. Gilmore, Edward L. Sweatt

Daughters: Hixey T. and Josephine P. Sweatt
Husband: William C. Sweatt;  Executor: William C. Sweatt

Dated Jan. 11, 1857; Wit: R. A. Davis and A. C. Sweatt
Probated May 28, 1860;  recorded Sept. 3, 1860

R. P. Watson - page 67

State of Texas - County of Harrison

Daughters - Emiline C. Woods (wife M. L. Woods); Susan S. Knott; son Benjamin Watson.

Executor: Benjamin Watson without bond

Dated April 17, 1851; wit: R. A. Grier and Thomas H. Cowan
Recorded Sept. 4, 1860

Jane Bell   - page 71

Husband   John Bell

Dated Feb. 6, 1860; Wit: J. D. Orr and Joseph Bell

Signed "Jane Bell her mark"
Recorded Sept. 4, 1860

Minerva Chapman   -page 72

Husband John Chapman, also named Executor

Children: Robert and Elizabeth J. Chapman Dated April 13, 1857; wit: E. C. Newton and B. P. McFarlin
Recorded Oct. 9, 1860

S. W. Short  page 73

Children by 1st wife: James Perry Short, Rebecca Ann Short, Abigail Jane Short and Mary Elizabeth Short

Children by present wife: Levicy Short, Manda Frances Short, Julius Eli Short and Delia Thankful Short

Dated March 9, 1860;

Wit: N. F. New, M. M. Knight, Wm. C. Atchison, W. J. New
Recorded: July 30, 1860

Coleman Jenkins  - page 74

Beloved Wife Elizabeth
Children - Mary E., Rachael A., America, Benjamin and Coleman; unborn child "to share equally"
Brother William Jenkins, manager of estate
Executors: Brother, William Jankins and friend, Benjamin F. Hawkins
Dated June 30, 1861; Wit: William A. Witherspoon and J. C. Witherspoon
Recorded Jan. 7, 1862

Jesse E. Sharp   - page 77

Wife   Mary E. Sharp Executor: Rayburn Scott
Dated Oct. 6, 1861; Wit: Wm. Croft, H. Weir, W. A. Rice, James McDaniel
Recorded Jan. 7, 1862

W. H. Stokes  page 78

Wife Malinda [Malissa] Jane Stokes; "marriage contract in full effect"
Son William [F. Stokes] "all real and personal property"

Executor: T. C. Neel
Dated Feb. 28, 1862; Wit: T. C. Neel, J. B. Adams

Recorded June 26, 1862

Eli McJilton  page 79

Wife Lydia Ann

Daughters: Amanda, Josephine; Fannie McJilton; Elizabeth Thurman;  Son Lafayett[e]

Executors  James McDaniel and Robert C. Thurman

Dated Feb. 23, 1862; Wit: E. C. Zollicoffer and Thomas J. Jordan
Recorded July 14, 1862

George Glascock, Jr -  page 81

 Beloved Mother   Mrs.  Mary Jane Glascock
Sister  Fannie E. Glascock
Executors: Henry C. Lyon, John H. George, N. Oldham of Counties of Ellis and Hill

"Revokes all previous wills"
Dated Apr. 28, 1862; wit: E. Pendleton and W. C. Hooser
Recorded July 15, 1862

Mary Bishop  -  page 83

Beloved Niece Malissa J. Stokes [wife Rev. W. M. Stokes]
Nephew Thomas C. Neal
Executor Thomas C. Neal
Dated Aug 18, 1860: Wit E. W. Rogers and W. H. Getzendaner
Recorded Nov. 7, 1862

Thomas Cureton  -  page 86

Wife Caroline Cureton

Dated 1861; Wit: V. Sevier, J. M. Higgins
Recorded Nov. 11, 1862

Ephraim Andrews

Wife Margaret M - named Executrix to divide property equally among younger children: Margaret L., Rebecca P., Tabitha E., and older ch John M., Mary F. and E. F. McKnight and Jane J. Kooken

Rec. 28 Dec 1862

Jacob J. Prewitt  -  page 87

Wife Margaret H. Prewitt  all to her during her lifetime; she also named Executrix

Legatees after wife's death: 1/3 to Benton S. Castle, son of George Castle; 2/3 to my nearest of kin.

Dated April 5, 1862; wit: R. H. Turner, G. F. Parks, J. W. Ferris
Recorded Jan. 3, 1863

William W. Parks  - page 89

Wife Sophia A. Parks
Daus Martha E. Parks, Laura J. Parks, Mary A. Parks, Sarah F. Parks, Mary W. Parks

Executor Benjamin F. Hawkins
Dated  May17, 1862; Wit: Wilson Fulton, G. W. Castles
Prob. Jan. 26, 1863; Recorded Dec. 8, 1863

Mary D. Woodward

Executrix mother, Mary  D. Patton Rec. 9 Dec 1863

T. C. Neel  - page 92

Beloved wife Willie Elizabeth

Daughter Mattie Moss Neel

date: 10 Sept; 1863; wt: J. F. Reagor and W. m. Siddons recorded 9 Dec 1863

William M. Daviess - page 93

Sister Mary H, Daviess - also named Executrix

Date: 29 Sept 1961; wit: E. H. Carter and Champ Carter Recorded 9 Dec 1863

William Irwin - page 94

Grandson William Irwin, son Washington H. Irwin

Daus: Valery M. Stewart, wife L. W. Stewart; Vitura M. Prince, wife J. E. Prince, Rebecca Grissom

Son Lockhart Irwin

Children Margaret Marchbanks, wife Joseph Marchbanks, decd;

Susanah McCoy - dau by last wife

Executors: sons-in-law Larkin W. Stewart, Jonathan E. Prince

Date 21 June 1862; Wit: Benjamin F. Hawkins, Wilson Fulton Rec. 13 Oct 1864

R. M. Tandy - page 98

Johnson Co. Texas

Beloved & aged widower, Lucy Stringfellow

Nephew David Burnett Stringfellow - cripple for life

Nieces Sallie P.  Stringfellow, Mrs. Helen Jane Hubbs and Nancy Smith

"In case my nieces and their husbands are friends of the South and Confederacy states of America then I bequeath to them and if they and their husbands are alien enemies then I bequeath their said shares to nephew and nieces in Kentucky, Edmund C. Tandy,Susan F. Kelsey, Nancy F. Moore, Elizaberth Tandy and Jane Wirt.  It is my last request of the Government of the Confederate States of America of which I am a loyal citizen and into whose service I am about to enter as a soldier for the war that they will permit my widowed sister and her crippled son both of whom were born and raised in Kentucky to get the benefit of the foregoing bequests if possible in case I should die before the end of this war...."

Date 22 April 1862; Wit: H. D. Marchbanks, D. G. Ransom

Recorded 13 Feb 1865

Elizabeth Apperson

Gr-daus Elizabet Nowlin and Elizabeth Sarah Nowlin; dau Harriet J. Nowlin; son John Apperson; gr-dau Elizabeth Ward; gr-dau N. J. Ward; gr-dau Alice Apperson, son Joh Thomas

Executrix dau Mrs. Harriet J. Nowlin

Rec 4 March 1865

John M. Hines - page 103

wife Amelia H. Hines - also named Executrix

Daus - Ella and infant not yet named

Heir Amzi Bradshaw

Executor - brother Thomas J. Hines, also ch guardian

Date 1860 ; wit: Thomas J. Hines

Recorded 22 Dec 1865

James S. Berry - page 104

Dau - M. E. Leonard

Gr-son Charles M. Berry

Son C. W. Berry (all property I may inherit from estate of brother Charles R. Berry decd of Cooper Co. Mo).

Executor - John W. Leonard, son in law

Date: 17 Dec 1865; wit: G. W. Castles, J. P. Laughlin Rec. 14  Feb. 1866

William L. Foster - page 105

Wife Arrarat Foster

Children - Thompson G., Mary C., Robert W.,Caroline J. and W. L. Foster

Executors: Thompson G. Foster, M. B. Rankin, F. Campbell, James Hamilton

Date: 14 Dec 1865; Wit: F. Campbell and D. B. Smith

Recorded 15 Feb 1866

Wesley B. Richardson - page 107

Wife and children [not named]

Executors: Sons John I. Richardson and D. B. Richardson

Date 25 July 1865: Wit: J. D. Reagor, B. M. Works, John L. Richardson

Recorded 17 Feb 1866

Betsy D. Fields - page 108

Husband Dennis M. Fields  - "to include interest in estate of my father Peter Brown, decd, of Washington Co. Ky."

Date 13 April 1866; Wit: Benjamin F. Hawkins and W. A. Hawkins

Recorded 2 Feb 1867

George B. Sweatt - page 110

Brother R. V. B.. Sweatt - also named Executor

Date 3 Dec. 1866; Wit: Amzi Bradshaw and John King

Recorded 2  Feb 1867

R. D. Graves - page 112

State of Georgia, County of Walker

Sister Matilda Wright (1200 in gold in possession of brother John E. Graves, Wilson Co. Tenn.)

Brother John E. Graves

Niece - P. Graves

Nephews - Stokes Graves, son of brother William; Alexander Wright, Burnice and Micajah, son of brother John

Executors: John E. Graves, brother and James P. Wright brother-in-law

Date 18 Nov 1863; wit: Lawson Black, B. R. McCutchen, William Caruthers Recorded Ellis County 30 Nov 1867

I. B. [Isaac Baker] Allen - page 114

Wife Margaret E. Allen

Date 29 Jan 1867; Test. A. Davis, W. S. Grimes

Recorded 30 Nov 1867

John Blanton - page 115

Oldest son John H. Blanton; Sons Edward and Bolen Blanton

Daus - Harriet Thompson, Lucy Loyd, Martha Blanton

Administrator: John H. Blanton

Date 5 Feb 1867;  wit: James M. McDaniel and W. C. Hooser

Recorded 2 Dec 1867

W.C. Sweatt  - page 116

Wife Mary M. Sweatt

Daus Mary F., Sarah E., Hixey T., amd Josephine P.

Son Edward L. Sweatt

Executors: Quincy A. Sweatt, Robert A. Davis (also gdns for minor ch Hixey, Josephine and Edward)

Date1 March 1854; Wit: John M. Berry, H,. D. Marchbanks

Codicil 2 March 1854: wife, children & stepson, John J. Gilmon

Recorded 2 Dec 1867

J. A. George - page 122

Wife Nancy A. George - also named Executrix

executor Malcolm Wilson; Executrix Nancy

Date 5 Nov 1867 Wit: R. P. Sweatt and E. Pendleton

Rec 28 July 1869

Hiram Graham - page 123

Wife Louisa Graham - also named Executrix with C. Hackler, son-law Executor

Children [not named]

Date 8 Feb 1868; Wit M. S. Kessee, A. Q. Nance, I. P. Jeffers [Date of recording not given]

Hugh Weir - page 125

Heirs: Jane W. McEachern, Isabelle B. McDaniel, J. J. Weir, H. W. Weir, D. M. Wier "all my medical books, instruments, medicine and furniture"

Executors: J. J. Weir and James McDaniel

Date: 12 March 1868; wit: W. C. Hooser, A. H. Wimberly Recorded 27 March 1869

John Westbrook [noncupative ] page 126

Wife Jane Williams

Sons David L. and Reuben M. Westbrook

Daus Jemima and Ann Eliza Westbrook [other children - not named]

Date 27 Dec 1868; Wit: J. B. Sessions, John W. Evans, Abner Bell recorded 27 March 1869

Jane Andrews

Priscilla Smith -  $20 "for kind attention"
Remainder of estate divided among: Joseph A. Dement, J. M. Andrews, Mary F. McKnight, Eleanor F. Crabtree, Jane A. Kooken, Sary Clayton (dau G. R. Clayton); R. Polemna Goble, T. Emily Goble.

Dated July 8, 1869
Attest:  Dec. 27, 1869 before A. Wright, Co. Judge

John Reagor -  page 129

Wife Catherine

Eldest dau Elizabeth, wife W. N. Richardson

Eldest son - Jacob Reagor

Sons James D. Reagor (Itanambva, Miss.) and John F. Reagor

Executors Sons John F. and Jacob Reagor

Date 20 March 1857; Wit: G. H. Cunningham and J. W. Ferris

Recorded 7 June 1871

Josiah Baker  - page 132

Wife Nancy Baker - also named Executrix with Elizabeth Haynes, Polly Payne and Barsheba Porter

Daus Barsheba Porter, Elizabeth M. Haynes, Polly P. Payune

Gr-ch: William M. Strong,  Howard Strong, Lou A. Massey, James Strong, Caroline Strong

Heir Charley F. Haynes?

Date 3 Nov 1870 - Wit: E. Bruce Moon and J. P. Laughlin

Recorded 29 Aug 1871

Robert M. McCoy - page 135

Wife five chidren; Own unmarried children

Date 1 Sept 1872; Wit: George W. Cooper, Eliza A. Cooper

Recorded 31 Aug 1872

John Chapman - page 136

Daughter Elizabeth J. McElroy

son William Veal Chapman

Grson Wlliam V. Chapman; Son-law [not named] gdn of estate of grandson

Executor C. Murry Sea

Date 5 Feb 1872; wit:, G. C. Parks, R. H. Goodloe

Recorded 11 April 1873

Raney Woods - page 138

Late husband David Woods

Son Calvini C. Pearson;  Daughter Cynthia E. Jackson

Date 10 April 1872; Wit: J. B. McGraw, J. H. Johnston, Samuel Vandevier

Recorded 12 April 1873

Sarah Holmes - page 145

State of Texas, County of Raines

Son William H. Holmes - also named Executor

Date: 12 April 1871; Wit: E. D. McKinney, Malbury Johnson

Recorded 24 Aug 1874

Sherebiah Bass - page 147

State of Maine, County of Franklin

Wife Anna E. Bass - also named Executrix

25 Oct 1870; Wit: Samuel Belcher, T. F. Belcher, Saml R. Norton

Recorded 10 Aug 1874

H. P. Crum - page 153

wife H. M. Crum - also named Executrix

Sons Andrew M. Crum (lives Alabama); George L. Crum, Charles H. Crum, Harmon P. Crum (decd)

Children decd dau Mary A. E. Freeman, wife William H, Freeman

Daus Margaret E. Lavender, Martha O.Smith

Gr-dau Mattie B. Crum

Executor Charles H. Crum

Date 4 July 1874; Wit: John Batchler, W. J. Winniford, R. S. Guy

Recorded 2 Feb 1875

Michael Boren - page 161

Wife Mary E. Boren

Children: Wm. M. Boren, G. R. Boren; heirs of dau Rhoda, decd; Alvarina Hancock, Joseph R. Boren, Pickney S. Boren, Nancy Cooke, Mary Harris, Michael Boren Jr., Willie N.. Boren, Anna H. Boren

Executors - sons William M. and Joseph R. Boren

Date 15 May 1875; Wit: M. B. Moseley, R. D. Harris, T. H. McKinney

Recorded 11 April 1876    

J,. W. Kemble - page 163

wife C. E. Kemble

Chileren - not named

Executor: Neighbor John H. Pierce

Witnesses: A. A Kemble and C. C. Edens

Filed 15 Dec 1875 and 12 Feb 1876; Rec 11 April 1876

Thomas S. Lea - page 164

Wife Ruth B. Lea

Step-sons John P. and Marion P. Jackson

Sons Newton H. Lea, James H, and Charles M. Lea

Dau  (by 1st wife) Mary H. Redi

Executors sons James H. and Charles M. Lea

Date 16 June 1874; wit: S. M. Butcher, Thomas J. Robinson

Recorded 12 April 1876

R. H. Orr - page 168

Son Charles W. Orr

Date 30 June 1876

Wit: G. C. Orr, W. K. Ault, W. E. Ellison, H.L. W. Caldwell filed 28 Aug 1876 - recorded 9 March 1876

J. P. Power - page 170

Wife Ann Eliza: ch: Roger William, William Benjamin, Sarah Lizzie, Virgie, Howard.

Date 27 May 1876;  wit: D. L. Wilson, A. G. King, A. D. McDuffie

Filed 23 Sept 1876; rec. 9 March 1877

D. L. Wilson  - page 172

Wife Mary E. Wilson also  named Executrix.    Date 16 March 1877; Wit: A. A. Kemble, A. G. King

Filed 20 March 1877; Rec 11 May 1877

William Turner  - page 174

Wife Charlott;

minor heirs: John, George Ann, Martha Aldora Turner;

heirs: Christopher Columbus, William M., Elizabeth Jane, Elmira and Charlott Turner;

gr-son: James Marcus Hughes; John Turner gdn for J. M. Hughes.

Ex: son William M. Turner,

Wit: John Matlock and J. W. A. Smith

Filed 17 Sept 1877;  Rec 1 Jan 1878

Frances M. McCulloch  - page 176

Husband John S. McCulloch;

gr-ch: Agnes Van Lear and John W. Van Lear;

son Alexander McCulloch;

1st husband John G. Williams; ch by 1st husband: Mary R., Ben F., Rufus P. (decd), John G. and Joseph P. Williams. 

Ex: John S. McCulloch and John G. Williams;

Wit: T. H. Williamson and John Haycock; Rec. 12 Jan 1878

John Ranson  - page 178

Gr-son R. Bruce Ranson;  guardian J. R. Ranson

Gr-daus Julie Ranson and Lela Ranson;

Gr-dau  dau R. B. Ranson of Franklin Co Ala.

Heir Mary A. Sage, nee Ranson of south Carolina;

$50 to Missionary Society A. R. Church to be sent to Rev. J. S. Boner, Due West, S. C. for benefit of Miss Galaway, missionary to Egypt

John Ranson - house and lot in Ennis

sons R. N. and John A. Ranson.  Executor: John R. Ranson

Wit: E. R. Alexander, S. A. Alexander

filed 21 Dec 1877; rec 12 Jan 1878

William Bradshaw  - page 180

Sisters Kate Cheatham and S. A. Bradshaw;

Date 10 Nov 1877;   Wit: J. B. Adams, A. A. Vestal and J. H. Lacy

Filed 17 Dec 1877; Rec. Jan. 1878

J. D. Sims  - page 182

Wife Elizabeth C. Sims

son W. D. Sims

daus Sarah F. Bower, May A. Sims; Tennessee Cunningham

gr-ch: John D. Sims, Lee Forrest and Thomas Forrest of Va.

Ex: W.D. Sims & George H. Cunningham

Wit: John S. McCulloch, Philip K. Derr, John H. Aycock, J. W. Ferris

Filed 22 April 1878

John F. Reagor  - page 193

Wife Caroline M.  also named Executrix

Daus Viola F. Cunningham, decd; Nannie C. Pickett, Mollie M. Reagor;

Sons William E., Reagor, Thomas Briggs Reagor  and John F. Reagor.

Ex: nephew John I. Rchardson.

Wit: F. R.. Ray, B. C. King, J. W. Ferris.

filed 10 June 1878;  rec 1 July 1878

John P. Peak-  page 197

Wife Margaret Ann; also named Executrix

sons John H. and George D.

dau Ann Mary in Ky. Ex: wife Margaret.

Executor Nephew John I. Richardson

 Wit: H. D. Clark, J. B. Copeland, J. E. Poindexter.

Filed 15 June 1879; rec 1 July 1879

Estate of A. D. Lister  - pages 199-200

Petition to Judge of Parish court, Caddo Parish, La., from Ophelia V. Lister, widow and Alfred D. Land 'That Albert D Lister, whose domicil was in Louisiana, died in Ellis Co. Tex. on 6 Nov 1878....leaving estate in Louisiana; Will of Lister names:

Dau Mrs. Virginia Land, wife A. D. Land; Laura E. Lister; my freedman Thomas Lister of Ellis Co. Tex." Ex: son--in-law Alfred D. Land and executrix wife Mrs. O. V. Lister.

John S. McCulloch  -  page 204

Wife Frances M. McCulloch also named Executrix;

gr-ch: Agnes Van Lear and John William Van Lear;

son Alexander McCulloch;

Date: 30 Aug 1873;   wit: John H. Aycock, T. H.Williamson.

Filed 3 Sept 1879

I. H. Gideon - page 206

Daus Lelia Ann Craig, Agness Catherine and Mary Bell Gideon; son V. M. Gideon;

wife [no name] ;

Ex:  son Isaac F. Gideon and Samuel Craig.  

Date: 9 Sept 1879; wit: James McDaniel Sr., M. L. Dilworth and George W. Hamlett.  

Filed 4 Nov 1879;  Rec 24 Nov 1879

B. F. Clark  - page 208

Wife Frances A. Clark; also executrix.

Children [not named]

Date: 23 Jan 1879; Witnesses: James A. Mitcham, George J. Mitcham

filed 10 Nov 1879

Thomas Keesee  - page 209

Wife Jane C. Keesee.  also named Executrix.

Date 22 Nov 1879; Witnesses: E. C. Newton and M. M. Quate

Filed 10 Nov 1879; . Rec. 23 Sept 1880

A. J. and Anna E. Farrar  - page 211

Exs: John R. Flippin, Memphis, Tenn. ; Jas. A. Flippen; Thomas J. Flippen and George W. Farrar, Fayette Co. Tenn.

Date 10 June 1878

Attest: Mollie Farrar, John Burnett, A. S. Clement;

filed 22 July 1880; rec. 23 Sept. 1880

Elizabeth C. Sims   [page 212]

Husband John D. Sims;

Legatees W. D. Sims, Mary A. Sims, Sarah F. Brewer; ch of Wm J. Sims decd; ch of Virginia F. Forrest, decd; Tennessee Cunningham.

Executors: W. D. Sims, George H. Cunningham

Date 27 Aug 1873; wit: John S. McCulloc, Phillip K. Derr

Filed 19 Nov 1880; rec 29 April 1881

Joseph Boren   - page 215

Wife Ann Boren;  also named Executrix

youngest child Thadeus P. Boren

Date 27 Nov  1880; Witnesses G. H. Jones and John Mattox

Filed 27 Dec 1880; Recorded 11 May 1881

L. J. Ingram [page 217]

Husband S. K. Ingram and children [not named]

Date 31 Aug 1880 wit: G. J. Penn and H. M. Rhodus. Filed 27 Jan 1881 - rec. 11 May 1881

Nathan Thomas [page 219]

Wife Olivia L. Thomas; also named Executrix

dau Lou Moore, wife of James H. Moore

Sons: William H Thomas and G. C. Thomas

Grandsons Thomas P. and William F. Huff

Dated 1 Nov 1881;  Executor son Wm J Thomas;

Filed 10 Jan 1882; Rec. 21 June 1882

David Nation [page 221]

Youngest daughter Fanny Nation

Executor David Nation, Jr.

Date 28 Feb 1881; witnesses W. A. Powell, W. M. Shelton and John Wilie.

Codicil - wife Nancy Nation:

Wit: W. A. Powell, W. M. Shelton, John Wylie, Inletta Cooper, W. C. Banks A. Nation, Poland Taylor, C. Nation, Henry Wood, M. P; Hatton, D. M. Seigler, David Nation, Jr., A. J. Nation, S. W. Banks, N. E. Ratliff

Fil;ed 1 May 1882; rec 21 June 1882

Malinda J. Hardeman Wife of J. M. Hardeman. [page 223]

Dau Mrs. John J. McCain,  (Lou J. Jennings)

John West, son of W. H. and Frances West;

Lou Willie West dau. W. H. and Frances West;

Crawford West son W. H. ad Frances West;

gr-son William Jennings;

Mary E. McCain; William Jennings Newbold.

Executrix: Mrs. Lou J. N. McCain; Ex: friend B. F. Hawkins

Date 17 Feb 1881; Wit. D. G. Ranson, Jas. M. Maloney

Rec. 13 Jan 1883

Thomas Hines - page 226

Beloved wife Nannie J. Hines - also named Executrix

Children Blanche D., Mary F., Robert L. and  Marvin E. Hines

Dated 17 April 1872; wit: J. W. Ferris, W. H. Getzendaner, Amzi Bradshaw, Robert H. Young, J. T. Young and Car Forrest Filed 5 Sept 1882; Rec. 13 Jan. 1883

Ephraim Corbin - page 229

Children: Lewis Corbin, George Corbin, Ephraim Corbin and Amanda, wife of Moses Ritter, Thomas Corbin, James Corbin

Gr-ch: Ephraim & Norah Winterhodes, son and dau of Washington Winterhodes

Executor: Son Ephraim Corbin

Dated 20 June 1882; Wit: W. H. Beachamp and E. H. King

Filed 30 Sept 1882; Rec 15 Jan 1883

Nathan Thomas - page 231

Beloved wife Livia S. Thomas

Dau Lou V. Moore, wife of James H. Moore

Sons - William H. Thomas and G. C. Thomas

Gr-sons Thomas P. and Wm F. Huff

Dated 1 Nov 1881; wit: J. h. Newby and Ada B. Ledbetter

Filed 21 March 1882; Rec 25 Aug 1883

Jemima E. Beard - page 234

Husband G. W. Beard - also named Executor

Children & their heirs: Mary C. Rose, George M. Beard, Cora V. Beard, Thomas N. Beard, Fanny A. Beard

Date: 6 Nov 1879; Wit: M. B. Templeton and B. C. Coghill Filed 2 July 1880; Rec 27 Aug 1883

Dora Grimes - page 237

Son Jones Boren; Dau Corrinne Boren

Executor W. S. Andrews

Date 1 Feb 1882 wit: P. R. Johnson and E. H. Parks filed 28 Nov 1882; Rec 27 Aug 1883

G. E. Kennedy - page 238

Wife Laura Kennedy and Eddy Graham, son of T. P. Graham

Date 24 Oct 1882; wit: O. E. Dunlap and Hannah Timmons

Filed 3 Jan 1883; Rec 27 Aug 1883

A. G. Moore - page 239

Children: Ben H. Moore, Mary Sue Moore, James W. Moore, Ella Ann Moore and Charley F.Moore

Executor - son James Wesley Moore

DateL 1 Ag 1876; Wit: J. S. Cirtus, J. M. Phillips, E. P. Hawkins

Filed 12 Feb 1883; rec 27 Aug 1883

A. M. Debardelaben - page 241

Dau Barbara Ann Debardelaben; gr-son B. S. Debardelaben;

Mary McWhorter;

Executor:  son George S. Debardelaben  

Dated 25 April 1883; Wit: G. H. Cagle and N. S. Patterson

Filed 1 May 1883; Rec 28 Aug 1883

G. M. Rankin - page 243

Little bros S. E. and T. D. Rankin.

Executors: John Farrar, L. Ramey and John S. Rice

Date 8 May 1883;  Wit: John S. Clark, G. A. Arnold

Filed 28 May 1883;  Rec 28 Aug 1883

L. W. Stewart - page 245

Beloved Companion Velora M. Stewart;

ch: Marinda J. Tucker; William T. Stewart, Washington Green Stewart; Margaret Ann Laughlin; Mary S. Worley; Lafayette S. Stewart.

Date: 4 April 1882 Test: : E. C. Newton and Jennie Powers Filed 3 Sept 1883;  Rec 31 March 1884

F. A. Boerner - page 247

Wife Sophia Boerner; children: Fred C., William L., Eugene B., Charles G., Sallie A. and Willie E. [Boerner]

Executor: Fred C. Boerner

Date 11 April 1882; wit: George Fugate and A. M. Morrison Filed 22 Dec 1883; Rec 31 March 1884

W. H. Frame - page 251

Wife Hattie V. Frame; also named Executrix

ch: William H., Lucetta and  Maybell Frame.

Date 11 April 1882; Wit George Fugate, A. M.. Morrison Filed 22 Dec 1883;   Rec 1 April 1884

C. M. Pickett - page 253

Wife Nannie C. Pickett.  also named Executrix

Date 24 March 1884; Wit: J.O. Ray and W. J. Mullens Filed 20 May 1884; Rec 9 October 1884

J.B. Latimer - page 256

Dau Emily A. Clark; son Mark Latimer; dau Willie E. Getzendaner

Exectors Mark Latimer and son-in-law William H. Getzendaner

Date 20 July 1881; wit: W. H. Dunn, Roger Briggs and Royal A. Ferris Filed 15 Sept 1884; rec: 22 Oct 1884

J. H. Singleton - page 260

 Milly Catharine Rhodes;

wife Rebecca A. Singleton; also named Executrix

ch: James W., Margaret S., Rowena J., Mary E., Daniel F., John F., Susan E., and Charles W. Singleton.

Executor: C. H. Barker

Date 18 Nov 1870 wt: B. F. Hawkins, R. Beall, L. I. Stroop. Filed 22 Sept 1884; rec 23 Oct 1884

Morgan L. Smith  - page 263

Essex Co   N.J. City of  Newark.

Wife Elizabeth,  also named Executrix

 Nephew Morgan V. Vail of Dutchess Co. N.Y.;

sisters-in-law Anna Maria, Susan , Amanda and Emily Tucker.

Pastor Thomas E. Vasser and Newark Orphan Asylum

Madison University, Hamilton,  New York;

Executor James B. Colgate, Yonkers NY and Morgan L. Vail Dutchess Co. NY

Date 28 April 1882; Wit: Annie K. Smith, 134 Washington Place, NY;  C. S. Tetsworth, 1012 Broad St., New York Rec Ellis Co 25 Nov 1884

Charles P. Rogers - page 277

Nephew Roger B. Briggs

Executor: E. A. DuBose

date 21 Oct 1880; wit: H.H. Dunn, W. W. Gaskell, Royal A. Ferris Filed 11 June 1881; Rec 11 April 1885

Charles Gleissner - page 279

Bro August Gleissner;

Caroline Lester  "for services rendered me"

Katy Chapman, dau Thomas Lister, "for services rendered me"

Mourning McKrary, dau. Thomas Lister;

Joseph, son Thomas Lister. Rec 26 May 1886

Executor: Thomas Lister

Wit: J. P. Mims, A. D. Morgan Filed 2 Oct 1884; rec 26 May 1886

Thomas C. Marchbanks - page 281

Three youngest ch: Alfonzo Calvin, Augustus D. and Mrs. Laura J. Crisler;

ch decd dau -  Mrs. Vann Sweatt; Nancy, B. F. and Mrs. Josephine S. Sweatt

Date 29 Nov 1884; wit: Samuel Wilson, Alfred May, Nona McMillan

Filed 13 Dec 1884;  Recorded 28 May 1886

W. H. Barley - page 285

State of Virginia Warren Co.

My three children: Anna V.,. William H. and Louis C. Barley

Gdn of children: Henry H. Dawning of Front Royal, Va.

My partner, Charles H Beaty

Executor: friend Henry H, Downing

Date: 22 Feb 1881; Wit Chas H. Beaty W. H. May Filed for record Ellis Co. 19 Nov 1885; rec 27 May 1886

George J. Beall - page 289

State of Texas County of Dallas

wife Maggie Y. Beall

Mother M. A. Beall

Executor: Harrison P. Parks, Dallas, Tex.

Claim - John C. Woodlief

Unborn child

Date 9 Jan 1885; Wit: B. F. Hawkins, F. P. Powell Rec 27 May 1886

R. A. McDaniel - page 291

State of  Mississippi, Chickasaw Co.

Wife Sarah C. McDaniel

Mrs Martha P. Sanders of Ellis Co;

sister Elizabeth Williams of Milam Co [Tex]  

sister Mrs. Nancy Jane Green, Ellis Co Tex:

Executor: S. R. Green , Ellis Co. Tex.

Date: 7 June 1882; Wit: Wm Lagrone, G. W. Parchman, James Williams Filed 2 March 1885; Rec in Ellis Co. 27 May 1886

Samuel C. Wharton  - page 294

Mrs. Mattie Everett

father Wm. Wharton, Woodberry Tenn;

William Wharton

Thomas Martin, P. R. Johnson, G. B. Samuels and J. G. Wadley to value property; W. C. Everett to collect debts

M. W. McKnight to act as attorney & Executor

Date 9 Nov 1885; Attest: A. J.Sanders, J. G.Wadley Filed 9 Feb 1886;  rec 28 May 1886

Mrs. M. C. Wood  -page 295

 widow F. P. Wood

G. W. Wood, Walter McDamiel, Georgia McDaniel

Executor: J. A. Noel

Date: 20 Dec 1884; Wit: Wm Newsom, D. S. Goble Filed 11 Mar 1886; rec 28 May 1886

S. S. Yarbrough - page 297

Wife Martha B. Yarbrough;  also named Executrix

Son John M. B. Yarbrough; Son W. R. Yarbrough, Limestone Co. Tex.

Son Thomas H. Yarbrough named Executor

Date: 19 Dec 1885; wit: A. A. Kemble and J. M. Reagor Filed 12 March 1886; Rec 28 May 1886

Cleophas K. Goodwyn - page 300

Wife Fanny Goodwyn - also named Executrix

Date: 10 Feb 1886; Wit: C. L. Edwards, M. H. Oliver filed 5 June 1886; Rec 7 Aug 1886

B. S. Skeen - page 303

Nephews M. S. & J. E. Stout - also names Executors

Niece S. D. Stout

Date 4 Aug 1874; wiot: S. B. Alexander and I. A. Harlan Filed 26 Aug 1886; Rec 19 April 1889

Belle R. Timmins - page 305

Husband J. R. L. Timmons - also named executor and guardian of children

Children [not named]

Date 2 July 1881: Wit H. Gray, G. Patton filed 1 Sept 1886; Rec 19 April 1887

John Cora Field - page 307

Sister's children: Belle Kay Burbridge,, Lillie M. Burbridge, Nannie Burbridge and Cora Burbridge (farm in Hardin Co. Ky.)

Brother Clinton S. Field trustee and manager of farm

Children of Clinton S. Field

Father Levi Field; half sister and half brother Ollie Field and Ezekiel Field

Date 13 June 1879; Wit: J. G. Foster, S. H. Jenkins Filed 22 Oct 1886; Rec 19 April 1887

G. F. Irvine - page 312

Staste of Florida, County of Suwanne

wife Cordelia and son J. T. Irvine - he also named Executor

Date: 12 Nov 1867;   Wit: J. W. Rice, Rev. Wm. Tilford, S. J. McIntosh

Filed 10 Dec 1886; Rec 19 April 1887

Lucy J. Lavender - page 315

Children willis d. Lavender and Henry C. Lavender

Brother-in-law James J. Lavender, named Executor and guardian of minor children

Date 27 July 1886; Wit: E H. Goodloe and A. A. Kemble

Filed 17 Dec 1886; Rec 19 April 1887

Lucy P. McDaniel, Mt. Peak, Ellis Co Tex. - page 316

Husband P. McDaniel

Mentions grandfather James Hoffer, Henry Co. Va.

date 24 Sept 1886; wit. T. H. Kelly and C. H. Cornelius Filed 28 Jan 1887; Rec 22 April 1887

J. E. Clardy - page 317

Wife Margaret Jane Clardy

Children Joseph,. Maggie, Ellis and Robert Clardy

Children Alice Teafatiller, Sarah Follis, Lawrence Boswell, Stacy Clardy and heirs of decd dau Mar Wynn - John Wynn representative of said heirs

Executor Joseph Teafatiller

Date 1 Dec 1886; Wit: S. A. Carter, W. H. McWhorter Filed 8 March 1887; Rec 22 April 1887

B. P. McFarlin - page 319

Daughter Sarah Allen

companon E. C. McFarlin

Executors: FriendWilliam J. Spencer and son, Robert M. McFarlin

Date Jan 1887; wit: e. C. Newton, W. D. Boyd Filed 10 May 1887; Rec 1 March 1888

Alexander Reid - page 321

Wife Sarah Reid (williamson co. Tenn.) named Executrix

Son william W. Reid

Legatees: John H. Wilson, son of James B. and Margaret Wilson and Robert Wilson young son of James B. and Margaret Wilson

Executor: son William W. Reid

Date 6 Jan 1885

Filed 25 Oct 1887; Rec 1 March 1888

William M. Claunch - page 323

Children: Jeremiah Cyrus Claunch and Nancy A. Claunch

Children of son John P. Claunch and Mary Elizabeth Freeman

Wife Martha E. Claunch - also named Executrix

Children of 1st wife: Mary E. Claunch, John P Clanch, Christopher c. claunch, Harriet A. Stuart, Martha Jane Hamilton and Susan Daviss

Date: 26 Jan 1888; Wit: W. D. Jones, John Burnett Filed 24 March 1888; Rec 24 July 1888

Walter Kirkham and Mollie Kirkham - page 325

Property left to each other

date 29 April 1881; Wit: S. E. Ingram, Ada Bradley Filed: 13 July 1888; rec 24 July 1888

John L. Cheek - page 326

wife: Lillian T. Cheek

Eldest son J. R. Cheek; Children: J. R. Cheek, Evelyn Cheek, Benjamin P. Cheek, Lucile Cheek

Legatee - W. D. Marshall, San Antonio, Tex.

Executor: J. Baldridge - also named guardian

Date: 3 Nov 1887; Wit: E. C. Leake, D. F. singleton Filed 13 July 1888; Recorded 24 July 1888

Shadrick Powers - page 329

Nieces: Mary Lee Powers, Minnie Frances Powers, Josie Irvin, nee Powers, Birdie Powers, Fay Powers, daus my brother Jordan Powers

Executor: James E. Smith

date: 25 June 1888; wit: B. F. Hawkins, Charley O. Danelly Filed 1 Oct 1888; Rec 10 Dec 1888

Elizabeth Braly - page 330

Son Thomas J Braly

Date 28 May 1884; Wit: J. A. Gray and J. E. Lancaster filed 27 Dec 1888; Rec 18 Jan 1889

Mary M. Phaup - page 332

Husband T. M. Phaup

Children: T. G. Smith, P. P. Smith, M. E. Price, H. C. Quaite

Executors: husband and 3 sons

Date 22 March 1887; wit: G. C. Groce and J. W. Manning Filed 3 April 1889; recorded 20 July 1889

D.. Graves (residence Karnes Co. Tex) - page 333

Son D. Bibb Graves and brother C. R. Graves - also named Executor and son's guardian

date 19 Jan 1889; wit: Frank A. Graves and  L. Graves Filed 10 May 1889; rec. 20 July 1889

T. H. Andrews - page 336

Wife Arend Andrews

Widow and children of son John Andrews, decd.

Son - T S. andrews

Daus: Mary Ann Wilfon, wife of C. C. Wilson; Martha Jane Orr; Elizabeth White

Attorney - A. A. Kemble

Executor son T. S. Andrews

Date 5 Feb. 1884; Attest: A. G. Payne;  T. L. Freeman

Codicil: 1st wife decd; 2nd wife Henrietta Andrews Filed 7 June 1889; rec 22 July 1889

R. M. Wyatt Estate - page 335

Beloved wife A. R. Wyatt - also named Executrix

Date 2 May 1883; Wit: M. T. Patrick, D. D. Bullard, G. L. Adkisson Filed 12 July 1889; Rec 20 July 1889

J. W. Weatherford - page 350

Wife Susan Weatherford - also named Executrix and childrens' gdn

daughter Agnes Weatherford

Sons J. W. Weatherford Jr. Will and Arch Weatherford

Date: 15 July 1889; Wit J. T. Overall, H. C. Jones Filed 28 Sept 1889; Rec 7 Nov 1889

John Weverka - page 351

Wife Anna Weverka - also named Executrix

Ch  Frank, Mary and Louie Weverka  Rec 7 Nov 1889

Thanks to Pamela Bell for name corrections Oct 2005

Date 15 July 1889;Wit: John May, Geo. J. Higginbotham Filed 28 Sept 1889; Recorded 7 Nov 1889

[Mrs. ] A. R. Wyatt - page 463

Daus: Ruth Martin, wife T. T. Martin and Eva M. Wyatt

Son J. F. Wyatt

Children: Sarah E. Thompson, John F. Wyatt, Emma T. Todd wife L. C. Todd, Mrs. Ruth Martin, Eva M. Wyatt

Executrs: John F. Wyatt and L. C. Todd

Date 18 Sept 1893; Wit: H. M. Rodus and J. T. King

Filed 26 Oct. 1893; Rec 14 Dec 1893 [A. R Wyatt died Oct. 1, 1893 - aged 59 years]

Mary F. Aday - page 355

Children: G. R. Aday, J. B. Aday, F. E. Aday, W. C. Aday, M. A. Mayfield, S. J. Aday,  M. S. Bratcher

date - 15 Dec 1886; wit: T. A. Ferris, O. E. Dunlap filed 27 Nov 1889; rec 23 Jan 1890

W. H. Hicks - page 357

Montgomery Co. Ark.

Ex.ecutor: George W. Goodner and D. O. Porterwood

Daus Ada and Ida Hicks;   son Maxey Hicks;

Legatees: Alice Jones, Martha A. Autry, Benjamin Tims.

Date: 12 Sept 1887; Wit: J. P. Mcdonald, John O. Watkins Filed 16 Dec 1889; Rec 23 Jan 1890 Ellis Co

Bernard McManus - page 361

bro John  (Jack) McManus.  also named Executor.

Date: 16 Dec 1889; Wit: James Martin, A. A. Kemble Filed 27 Dec 1889;   Rec 23 Jan 1890

J. M. Robinson - page 362

Wife Nancy A. Robinson;

George E. Robinson and Mary A Robinson;

ch [not named]

Executors: J. R. Fleming, N. I. Robinson filed 21 Feb 1890; rec 13 May 1890

Irene Ellis - page 363

Husband James H. Ellis; dau Fannie Kennedy; gr-son James Gibson; son P. H. Ellis.

Date: 6 Feb 1885; wit: J. H. Husbands, Y. D. Kemble Filed 6 March 1890; rec 13 May 1890

E. J. Graves - page 365

Brothers : Therman, Charles, Frank

Nephew Bibb Graves

Date 11 Feb 1890; wit: R. E. Fristoe, R. G. Orr filed 20 March 1890; rec 13 May 1890

William T. Rogers - page 366

Son William B. Rogers

Date: 17 Dec 1889; wit: J. F. Wyatt, Mollie Billups Filed 28 March 1890; rec 14 May 1890

S. P. Wilson - page 368

Wife Josephine Wilson - also named Executrix

Children - [not named]

Date 28 March 1889; wit: S. P. Langsford, J. F. Phillips filed 8 April 1890; recorded 14 May 1890

James A. Nash - page 370

Wife Ellizabeth Merryweather Nash - also named Executrix

Date 24 Nov 1884; Wit: Sam L. Love, A. R. King filed 15 May 1890; rec 19 July 1890

Susan R. Forrest - page 372

Dau Matilda van Lear.

Executor: W. A. Palmer

Date 22 May 1890; wit: T. A. Forrest, Erle Fort, J. C. Fort filed 14 June 1890; rec 19 July 1890

Mollie Banks - page 373

Youngest  daughter Lizzie Freeman

Children of daus Annie McIntyre and Emma Dibbleman

Administrator: John W. Gibson

Date: 28  April 1890;  wit: W. M. Burnett, W. M. Richardson Filed 19 July 1890

W. C. Dickson  - page 374

Wife M. J. Dickson  also named admrx.

Children - [not named]

Wit: R P. Sweatt and D. G. Thompson Rec 19 July 1890

E. F. Yeager - page 376

wife Minnie B. Yeager - also  named Executrix

children [unnamed]

Date: 14 Feb 1890 Wit: J. J. Metcalfe, R. F. Tilford Filed. 4 June 1890

John S. Chambers - page 377

Wife Mary Ann Chambers

Daus Margaret and Benie;   gr dau Thornuile Prewett; sons Stuart and William

Executors: William and Margaret [Chambers]

Date 11 Jan 1899; wit: J. A. Pace, Wm I Pace, A. C. King filed 19 Jan 1899

Ventura M. Prince - page 382

Husband Jonathan Prince

Son Jonathan E. Prince Jr.

Daus Mary Gaskett , Altamira I. Willis and Rebecca J. Coleman

Gr-ch: Margaret Moore & William Moore

Executors: Jonathan E. Prince Jr., and son-in-law John Gaskett Date: 25 Feb 1884; Wit: J. W. Ferris, Royal A. Ferris,W. E. Cox

S. D. Daugherty - page 385

Daus Annie and Matilda Ellen Daugherty;

wife Phoebe Ellen Daugherty.

Date: 7 April 1890; Wit: O. Goodwin and W. W. Batchler Filed 9 Oct 1890; rec 20 Dec 1890

Henry G. Quaite - page 386

Brothers: T. G. & P. P. Smith; R. P. Quaite

Sisters Maggie E. Price, H. May Criddle, Sue Quaite

Father G. L. Quaite

Adm -  brother T. G. Smith

Date 12 April 1890; Wit: W. J. Mullens, J. O. Ray Filed 31 Oct 1890; rec 21 Dec 1890

J. G. Youngblood - page 389

wife Mary Youngblood - also named Executrix

Younger children: Ona, Chester, Edna Dale, V. Olivia

Other children W. T. Youngblood, Mary Frances Wilson, Ida McKay

Date: 20 Nov 1890; Witnesses G. D. Walker, George E. Alexander filed 19 Dec 1890; Rec 31 Jan 1891

W. H. Hicks -  page 391

Montgomery Co. Ark.

Daus Ada Hicks, Ida Hicks

Son Maxey Hicks

Other heirs: Alice Jones, Martha A. Autrey, Benjamin Tims

Executors: George Golden, D. O. Portwood

Date: 12 Sept 1897 ; Wit: J. P. McDonald, John A. Watkins Filed 13 Dec 1890; Rec 31 Jan 1891

Sallie V. Chairs - page 397

Husband J. D. Chairs - also named Executor

Date 16 Jan 1891 - wit: M. B. Templeton, V. H. Shelton Filed 10 Feb 1891; recorded 20 May 1891

W. C. Burch - page 397

Wife M. J. Burch - also named Executrix

Children - [not named].

Date 5 Jan 1891; Wit R. Dowdy and M. B. Templeton Filed 10 Feb 1891; rec 20 May 1891

M. A. Dillon - page 398

Sons Cleo Dillon and George Dillon.

Ex J. F. Wyatt, also named gdn for children.

Date 18 Feb 1891 Wit: R. S. Hurt, Alfred Hopson, W. J. Thomas, M. S. Boyd

Filed 30 March 1891;  Rec 30 July 1891

Jane Eckstine - page 401

Daus Anna and Lucy Eckstine;

bro W. J. Curtis, also named Executor 

Date 7 Feb 1891 Wit: I. P. Jeffers, L. J. Curtis Filed 11 March 1891; Rec 19 Aug 1891

Mattie Bardwell  - page 402

 Husband J. W. Bardwell, also named Executor

Date 29 Aug 1888; Wit: Mattie Templeton, L. Brown

Filed 18 March 1891; rec 18 Aug 1891

B.. F. Hawkins  - page 403

Wife Mara. Hawkins

Youngest son Frank Lee Hawkins

daus - Alice T. Mulkey wife J. F. Mulkey of Dallas; Martha, wife of W. A.Calfee; Mary M. wife of Mitch Gray of Dallas; Emma E. wife of C. A. Arnold

Son Eddy P. Hawkins

grandson, B. F. Hawkins, Jr.

Executors: Eddy P. Hawkins and Frank Lee Hawkins

date 2 Feb 1981; wit J. W. Ferris and W. H. Getzendaner

Filed 9 June 1891; rec 19 Aug 1891

J. W. Manning  - page 406

Wife Mar J. Manning

Stepson Jesse M. Parker, Executor

Date 6 Feb 1886; wit; R. C. Davis, J. M. Taylor, Avalon, tex.

Filed 2 Sept 1891; Rec 4 March 1892

J. M. Hardeman - page 408

Grandson Louis Blackstone Hardeman

Son James H. Hardeman

Eight other children: Ann McPherson, Tennessee Harris, W. M. Hardeman, Rebecca Snow, Martha John, Glen O. Hardeman,

J. B. R. Hardeman, Lucretia Rankin

Executors: sons-in-law Robert John and Peter C. Harris

date 19 June 1889

Codicil 1889 - L. J. N. McCain, dau of wife

Wit: George W. Hamlett, J. C. Couch, T. M. Sowell filed 17 Oct 1891; rec 5 March 1892

John E. Arthur page 418

Wife Etta D. Arthur

Executor: James S. Couchman

Date 28 feb 1892; wit: W. J. Arthur, J. W. Couchman filed 11 March 1892; Rec 13 May 1892

Sarah A. Ranson - page 419

Husband John R. Ranson

Sister Martha A. Parks; daus Mary and Leila

Children: Wm R., Charles, Julia Moseley, John W., and  R. Bruce Ranson

Executor William Ranson

Date 1 March 1892; wit: W. C. Waldrop, E. P. Anderson Filed 19 March 1892; rec 13 May 1892

Emma Burk - page 422

Heirs: Cyrus Eakin (Executor) Mollie Richardson

Date 30 Dec 1891; Wit: T. Dixon, M. W. McKnight Filed 20 Feb 1893

Henry Anderson   - page 424

Marietta , Cobb Co Ga.

Wife - Ella. ; Executor  brother Newton Anderson

Date 15 June 1892; wit: A. S. Clay, Samuel Moyley and J. E. Springer, all of Marietta, Ga. filed 14 May 1892; rec 28 July 1892

W. D. Sims - page 429

Daus Sallie Maria Sims,  Bessie Tilden Sims, Louella Sims  and Minnie Evelyn Sims; son Wilson Dabney Sims; wife Evelyn W. Sims.

Executor: W. T. M. Dickson

Date 16 April 1891;  Wit: John G. Williams, M. T. Patrick, C. W. Gibson, R. G. Phillips Filed 14 June 1892; rec 4 aug 1892

A. A. McMillan - page 441

Daus Mary I ., Scotha M., Rosa S. and Flora McMillan

Sons Neile A. and Heyden A. McMillan

Executor - Neile A. McMillan

Date 5 June 1885 - Wit: J. A. Buchanan, J. P. Burrough Filed 10 June 1892;  Rec 5 Aug 1892

Susan Apperson - page 444

Grandson Tapply Richardson Crawford, son of my son George Crawford

Daus A. W. Stallcup, Molly Kelly and Fannie Farrar

Date 16 April 1892 - wit: A. J. Robinett, David Boist Filed 17 June 1892; rec 5 Aug 1892

Thomas F. Watson - page 446

Father J. W. Watson, Lee Co. Miss.

Executrix - wife Mary Watson

Date: 16 July 1892; wit: John R. Arnold, P. R. Johnson, Palmer, Tex. filed 1 Oct 1892; rec 1 Nov 1892

Jno. G. & Cynisca Williams - page 450

All willed to survivor.  Executor sole survivor; "advances made to some children but trust each other to do justice in that respect."

Date: 16 Jan 1893; wit W. J F. Ross, Sam Hickman, M. L. Cobb Filed 18 Feb 1893; Rec 19 July 1893

Jane Moyers  - page 448

Son A. J. Moyers

Executor A. W. Rice

Date 13 Dec. 1888; Wit. William McKay and William M Barton Filed 20 Oct 1892;  Rec 2 Nov 1892

H. M. Meek - page 451

Wife Artemissia Meek (also named Executrix)

Brothers - John Meek, Hood Co. Tex., Christopher Meek, Tenn., and James Meek

Sisters: Lucinda Tidwell, Tenn., Rachel Tidwell and Margaret Tidwell

Executor  Robert Goodloe

Date 16 Sept 1890 wit: J. F. Wyatt and O. E. Dunlap filed 5 April 1893; rec 19 July 1893

Dabney Lancaster  - page 455

Wife - Mary Lancaster

Wm H. Lancaster, Harriet E. Youree, Mary F.  Moffett, Eliza J. Whitehead, Rebecca A. Gordon, James M. Lancaster, Benjamin C. Lancaster, Martha J. Meharg [relationship not given]

Grandson Charles R. Lancaster

Executors: James M. Lancaster  and B. C. Lancaster

Date1885; Wit: T. G. Miller, John O Thomason Filed 13 June 1893; rec 19 July 1893

Minnie Yeager  - page 458

Executor brother Anson Rainey - also gdn children

Sons Frank and Anson

Sisters [not named]

Date 23 March 1893; wit: Lee R. Nash, C. F. Yeager Filed 26 Oct 1892; Rec 13 Dec 1893

Mattie Lattner  - page 461

Children: Laura McDuffie, Willie Lattner, Rosa Lattner, Lizzie Lattner, Della Lattner, Pearl Lattner

Executor Husband R. H. Lattner

Date 1 Feb 11893 wit: W. E. Webb and S. M. Turner Filed 26 Oct 1893; rec 13 Dec 1893

H. A. McWhorter -  page 466

Wife [not named]

Children: oldest dau Mrs. Smith; youngest dau Mrs. J Jeffers; oldest son, Wm H. McWhorter 2nd son, James H. McWhorter

Date 17 Nov 1881 Wit; G B. Curry and Thomas Baxter filed 7 Nov 1893; rec 27 March 1894

John W. Gibson  - page 468

Wife named Executrix

Date 5 April 1892; wit: J. E. Lancaster ; R. D. McCombs Filed 26 Jan 1894; rec 28 Mar 1894

M. H. Oliver  - page 470

Wife Lunetta Oliver also named Executrix

Sons Thompson Calhoun Oliver and A. H. Oliver

Daus Lunetta Oliver and Jennie Rover

Date 12 Jan 1893; wit W. H. Fears, B. F. Marchbanks filed 26 Jan 194; rec 28 March 1894

Francis Levingston [page 472]

Children Jacob, Sallie, Hattie, Samuel, Annie and Arron Levingston [last 3 under 21]

Executor Jacob Levingston

Date 10 Aug 1893; Wit: Edmund Raphael, S. C. Mccormick Filed 26 Jan 1894; recorded 28 March 1894

H. A. High  - page 475

Ch of late wife Elizabeth  A. High

Fanny Sims

Sons Robert A., William M., Drury V., Albert and R. G. High.

Ddate: 8 July 1891: Wit J W. Ferris and T. A. Ferris

Ex: R. A. and Wm M High. Filed 25 April 1894; Rec Apr 26, 1894

NancyLancaster   - page 478

Husband Dabney Lancaster - Executor

Heirs: Wm H. Lacaster, Harriett E. Youree, Mary F. Moffett, Eliza J. Whitehead, Rebecca A. Gordon, James M. Lascaster, Benjamin C. Lancaster & Martha I. Meharg.

Grandson Charles R. Lancaster

B. C. Lacaster and James M. Lancaster executors in case of death of husband.

Date 2 Jan 1885 - Attest   T. G. Miller, John O Thurman Filed 13 March 1894;  rec 26 April 1894

W.H. Jones  - page 481

Robertson County, Texas

Youngest son Jesse H. Jones

Son John T. Jones;

Daughters Lizzie E. Farthing, Ida O. Jones, Carrie A. Jones

two sons named trustees

H. S. Taylor gdn for dau Carrie A. Jones

Executors: G. H. Holman and John B. Farthing

date 1 March 1893 filed 20 June 1894 rec 11 aug 1894

Ford Hines - page 484

Daus Adaline L. Patterson,  wife of Robert Patterson ; Catharine Gorman,  wife of A. J. Gorman; Martha Taylor (wid JohnTaylor of La);

Wife O. E. Hines.

Date: 29 Nov 1886; Wit Caroline Bailey, Minnie McNeil, George G. Higgenbotham Filed 21 Aug 1894; rec 18 Oct 1894

B. McDaniel  - page 486]

Brothers W. R. and J. H. Mcdaniel, Milford, Tex.

Date: June 1894; witness Mrs. A. M. Lee Filed 10 Sept. 1894

W.B.  Clift - page 488

Brother and sister Marvin C. Clift and Lillian A. Clift

Date Nov. 1889 Filed 1 Feb 1895; rec 25 March 1895

W. G. Davis -  page 490

Sons Aaron G. and Amos S. Davis;

daus Eunice A. Davis and Sarah Lavinia Davis, wife of J. P. Monroe, Henrietta, Tex.

Executors: A. Trippet and W. H. Getzendaner

Date 9 June 1894 wit: T. W. Florer and Frank Hopson Filed 1 Feb 1895

B. F. Nash  - page 494

Wife Belinda Jane Nash

Date 20 March 1893; wit James H. Smith and A. H. Nash Filed 15 Jan 1895; rec 30 April 1895. Rec 30 April 1895

J. C. Watkins.  [page 496?]

Wife Mrs. B. G. Watkins, - also  named Executrix.

Date 29 Sept 1894; wit J. C. Scroggins, B. R. Packard

Filed 17 Oct 1894; rec 1 May 1895 Rec. 1 May 1895

F. J. Pearson  widow of C. C. Pearson  - page 498

Children: L. R. Burkhead,  wife of George Burkhead, V. J. Daniel, wife of Robert Daniel,  C. C. Turner, wife of Jack Turner, F. R. Timmons, wife of Robert Timmons;

Children: C. E. Anderson wife of Merrill Anderson, Statira Horton, wife of Thomas Horton; R. E. Pearson. Minnie Pearson  and Calvin C Pearson

Minnie Pearson  named Executrix

Date 16 Jan 1892 ; wit D. F. Singleton, C. W. Singleton

codicil - witnesses D. F. Singleton, J. L. Karnes Filed 18 Jan 1895;. Rec 1 May 1895

John C. Woodlief  - page 503

Wife Minnie.  named executrix

date 19 Jan 1893; wit W. A. Gaither, T. L. Hawkins Filed 15 March 1895

John L. Connevey  - page 505

Wife Florence N. Connevey. - Executrrix

Children [not named]

Date 14 March 1895; wit M. L. Hogard Filed 21 March 1895; rec 1 May 1895

P. N. Gray  - page 508

Heirs: Josie Sandifer,  Mrs. M. J. Parker, Mrs. Kate Morris, Mrs. Carrie Morris, Mrs. J. D. Hancock, Mrs. J. D.Gray, all of Houston Co. Ga;

Executor: T. A. Ferris

Date 26 Feb 1891; Wit Will A. Strain and  R. L. Goodloe Filed 7 June 1895; rec 17 July 1895

Caroline Hamilton  - page 510

Son Jesse L. Hamilton, Executor

gr-son James P. Hamilton;

sons-in-law of Jesse Hamilton; Ellis House, Joe Beauchamp, J. D. Ringstaff.  

date 21 Nov 1887; wit J D.  Stewart, T. J. Cole, J. H. Headrick filed 17June 1895; rec 17 July 1895

S. M. Carleton -  page 514

Children: Carrie Jane Carleton, Jessie Estelle Carleton, Ella Virginia Carleton

Mrs. Cora M. Latimer gdn Carrie Jane Carleton; Mrs. Lucy E. Morrison gdn Jessie Estelle Carleton; Mrs. Lida B. Marchbanks, gdn Ella Virginia Carleton.

Executors W. E. Bradley and  W. R. Pryor

Date 1 May 1895; wit: Chas. A. Pippen, B. F. Marchbanks Filed 14 June 1895; rec 17 July 1895

Caroline Glatz  - page 517

Daus Tennie Glatz and Mrs. J. E. Miller;

Executors: J. B. Wilson and J. H. Padgett

Date 11 Feb 1870; wit: B. S. Alexander, J. M. Street Filed 17 June 1891; Recorded 26 July 1895

J. L. Clements -  page 519

Wife Elvina

Children: (by present wife, Elvina)  Julia, George, Estus Clements

Executor: W. H. Usary

Date 7 Jan 1895; Wit:M. P. Harwood, R. E. Williamson' Filed 21 June 1895; rec 20 Nov 1895

Jepha C. Dean  - page 522

Wife Isabel Dean - also named Executrix

Children - not by name.

Date 16 Oct. 1888; wit: John F. Wyatt, A. Tripet, Sr., L. C. Todd Filed 11 Oct 1895; Rec 21 Nov 1895

J. H. Husbands -  page 524

Bro Eugene, Paducah, Ky.  Also named Executor.

Date: 7 July 1883; wit: A. A. Kemble, H. M. Rhodus. Filed 1 Feb 1896; Recorded 6 March 1896

C. F. Owen  - page 526

Sister Mrs. Bessie J. Collins;

Bro J. L. Owen;

Sisters-in-law Mrs. Maggie E. Owen and Mrs. Emma F. Owen.

Date 4 Nov 1895; wit: R. H. Burney and J. M. Bourland Filed 27 Nov 1895; rec7 March 1896

Nancy Jane Carroll  - page 531

Husband John C. Carroll - also named Executor

Uncle Ellis Grigg

Date 3 July 1880; Wit: E. C. Newton, Cynthia Chapman Filed 19 Dec 1895; Rec. 7 March 1896

J. S. Curran - page 535

Wife Lizzie Curran.

Executor J. T. Kelliher

Date 22 Jan 1896 - Wit: G. P. Stoker, Levi Fox Filed 6 April 1896; Recorded 8 May 1896

J. S. Champ - page 537

Wife Ann D. Champ

Sons Wm J. Champ, Marquis S. L. Champ, John S. Champ and Robert T. Champ

\Daus: Rebecca J.Case,  wife of Harris Case and Mary E Noell, wife of James A. Noell

date 1890: Wit: John Lanier, E. E. Brock

Filed 11 April 1896; rec 8 May 1896

J. W. Manning  - page 542

Wife M. J. Manning

Daughters Ada Manning, Mary Crisler and Fannie Cloud

Oter heirs: Mary Hammett, Johnnie Lancaster, Alice Thornhill, Bettie Thornhill, Frank Thornhill, Manning Thornhill [children of Sue Thornhill]

Executors: J. E. Lancaster, Jet Thomas

Date 3 March 1896; wit: R. P; Sweatt, O. P. Sweatt Filed 10 April 1896; rec Aug 1896

Hannah Brisban [page 546]

Son J. Wesley Brisban

Other children -[ not named ]

Executor: C. P. Hawkins

Date 1 Jan 1896: Wit J. S. Woodward, H. N. C. Davis filed 25 May 1896; recorded 7 Aug 1896

Artiemissa Meek  - page 548

Husband Moses H. Meek

Children of brother: Adley Davidson and James McCaslin

Sisters - Violet Speigts and Anna Ballard

Brother: Benjamin F. McCaslin

Executors: Moses H. Meek and Robert L. Goodloe

Date 16 Sept 1890 - Wit: W. D. Ryburn, J. F. Wyatt, O. E. Dunlap Filed 5 May 1896; rec 8 Aug 1896

John Bielefeldt  - page 553

wife Mrs. Eliza Ann Bielefeldt - also named Executrix

Date: 8 June 1896 - Wit: R. S Goble and E. Lehman filed 18 June 1896; rec 10 aug 1896

A. S. Junkin and wife S. A. Junkin  - page 555

Date 1 June 1895; Wit: S. Reese and P. W  Lowe filed 31 Aug 1896 rec 28 Nov 1898

G. L. Crum - page 557

Wife America Ann Crum

Unmarried daughters Elya F. Crum, Lena E. Crum, Maude L. Crum

Other heirs: Anna E. Smith, heirs of Helen Ramby decd, G. L. Curm, Jr., Ida O McQueen and Jettie F. Barclay

Guardian of wife [unsound mind] John F. and Anna E. Smith, dau and son-in-law, Palo Pinto, Tex.

Executors: John F. smith or S. C. Williams & C. H. Crum

Date 7   July 1896; wit W. S. Winniford, C. H. Crum filed 31 Aug 1898 recorded 4 March 1897

Nathan Steward  - page 560

Wife Nancy S. Steward - also named Executrix

Date 1 Feb 1896 - wit: William Ellison, J. W. Crawford, J. C. McKinney Filed 11 Dec 1896; recorded 4 March 1897

B. P. Hendley - page 563

son in law Warren Lomax and wife Sallie; sons Isaac and Charles Hendley;  grandson B. H. Lomax;  

Executor Moses Rutherford also gdn for Charles. rec. 28 May 1897

Jane  C. Keesee  -  page 565

Ch : Milton H., Thomas J.,  and W. F.  Keesee; M. J. Franklin; E. L. Everett, E. C. Tucker;  ch of Ann S. Hammon and Louisa Hussey; both decd; sons George & John Keesee.

Date 17 Jan 1880;  Wit; Thomas Criddle, P. P. Smith filed 17 March 1897;  Rec 5 June 1897

 Samuel Hilburn - page 570\

Wife Mary Hilburn

Date 12 Jan 1896; wot: L. C. Todd, J. F. Wyatt filed 9 March 1897; rec 7 June 1897

W. W. Pearson [page 572]

wife Nancy Pearson - also named Executrix

date 9 April 1894 wit: S. K. Sparks John F. Hoffman filed 9 March 1897; rec 7 June 1897

W. E. Settle [page 574]

wife Kate Settle  - executrix

Son W. E. Settle, Jr.

wit: J.W. Story, Chas. C. Allen, S. H. Brown filed 22 June 1897; rec 24 July 1897

Eliza West -  page 576

Husband William E. West also named  Executor Date: 16 Dec 1895; Wit: John M. King, W. K. Marchbanks; filed 24 July 1897; Rec 27 July 1897

Louise Brignon -  page 579

Granddau Jeanne Rousselle

Executor Jules Brignon, Jr., Ferris Tex

Date: 7 April 1897; Wit: S. R. Campbell, J. W. Jones filed 8 May 1897; rec 2 Aug 1897

H. H. Dunn  - page 580

Wife Martha L. Dunn

Heirs: F. Dunn Bynum;  Rufus S. Bynum; Mrs. Sarah Bynum; R. Dunn Powell (infant son F. P. Powell), Mrs. Ida Baker (niece of wife)

Executors: O. E. Dunlap, R. M. White

date 23 Sept 1894; Witnesses: W. J Ross, Mary Bridges Filed 27 Sept 1897; recorded 3 Nov 1897

Grace L.Barkley - page 587

Son S. H. V. Barkley;

Son W. K. Barkley - also named executor.

Date: 15 March 1890; Wit: W. A.  Calfee, J. F. King Filed 21 Dec 1898; recd 22 Jan 1898

H. L. Parker & wife Mary Parker - page 593\

Heirs: Adolphus Powell and W. A. Powell (sons of Mrs. Wincy Powell), dau. H. L. Parker by former marriage

Children: James E., George A., Frank F.,. Mary E. Laura V. and Sallie Parker

Executors: sons James E. Parker and George A. Parker; James Parker gdn minor children

Date 12 Dec 1898; wit: C. M.  Banner and J. B. Murdocke Filed 13 Nov 1897;  rec 25 Jan 1898

John Dahnke  - page 596

Son in law Louis Bernhard and son, Louis Dahnke, executors

Wife Orika Hansel Dahnke, Wilhelm Dahnke, James, children of my first wife Augusta Dahnke, Mary Dahnke, Henry Dahnke, Louisa Dahnke, Carl Dahnke, children of my 2nd wife, Oricka Hansel Dahnke

Date 8 May 1891; Wit; Ernest Letman, L. Cerf, Filed 13 March 1898; rec 5 May 1898

Isaac J. Brown -  page 601

Wife Mary E. Brown

Sons John R. Brown and Joseph H. Brown

daus: Catharine J. Bunch, Lillie E. Pharris, Sophia R. Taylor

Executor: H. M. Rhodes

Date 18 Oct 1893  Wit:: J. F. Wyatt and J. M. B. Yarbrough Filed 16 April 1898 rec 25 July 1898

B. D. Crabtree - page 603

Wife E. F. Crabtree

Sisters Kate Rice, Martha Crabtree, Rebecca Vance

Nepher A. D. Rice

Brother J. J. Crabtree

Sisters Phebe Roach and Mary Lowrance

Executors J. J. Crabtree & A. D. Rice

Date 8 June 1897 ; Wt: H. N. Swinney and J. C. Malloy Filed 7 May 1898; recorded 25 July 1898

Louise Holveck  - page 605

Husband J. J. Holveck, executor.

Date 27 March 1897; Wit: R. B. Reeves, Thomas P. Whipple filed 15 June 1898; rec 25 July 1898

M. T. Hawkins - page 607

Wife Amanda, sons Webster and Hal;  other ch: W. L. Hawkins, B. F.. Hawkins, M. E. Hawkins, J. E. Hawkins, Linnie A. Stanberry; Lucretia Works.

Executors: W. L. and B. F. Hawkins

Date 11 Jan 1893; wit: D. T. Brundage, P. W. Lowe Filed 20 Aug 1898; rec 17 Oct 1898

S. H. Neal -  page 610

Children: Brooks Neal, Wilson Neal, Jeptha Neal, Walter Neal, Liza  Gillen, Elenor C. Pollan, Lizzie Allen

Wife Mary Frances Neal

Exectors Mary Frances Neal and Walter Neal.

Date: 2 Jan 1896 - Wit:B. F. Marchbanks and Charles Pippen

Filed 12 Sept 1898;  rec 17 Oct 1898

J. S. Willcock -  page 614

Children: F. W. Willcock, S. E. Willcock and M. E. Potett

wife Lillie Belle Willcock, executrix

Date 4 June 1896 Wit: J. W. Craig and James Sorley filed  Jan 1899 rec 20 April 1899

Adrian Foster - Page 616

Wife Margaret E. Foster

Children, Cordelia, Mary E., Sarah F., William J., Maria C. Tabitha J., ad Joseph A. Foster

Executor Wm J. Foster

date 7 Sept 1894 wit Jas M. Howell  and J. W. Walker filed 14 Jan 1899; rec 20 April 1899

H.R. Blum  - page 618

Two grch; children of Mary decd. - not named.

Executor M. W. Parker

date 21 Sept 1898 ; wit J. M. Camper, Jack Lemon

filed 9 Jan 1899; Recorded 20 April 1899

James E. Dean -  page 619

Brothers, Charles Dean,  Joe P. Dean, R. H. Dean, J. S. Dean, B. E. Dean

Sisters Mary Ellis, wife Charles Ellis; Sue Wallace, wife King Wallace, Florida Steel, wife of Marcus Steel and Georgia Watkins wife Tom Watkins, Denton Co. Tex.

Deceased sisters who left children  - Matt Adams and Callie Bogard

Executor: Joe P.  Dean

Date 1 Nov 1898 wit: R. Hanna, A J. Wright filed 14 Jan 1899; recorded 20 April 1899   STOP

Mary E. Wilson - page 623

sons D. L., John P., James I., W. F. Wilson

daus Susie Wilson, Laura Sims, Jennie Castleman, Nellie Burrow, Eliza Graves.

Executor: James I. Wilson

Date 30 Sept 1898 wit: George A. Butcher, M. L. Chamin Filed 16 Jan 1899; rec 21 Apr 1899

John C. Schrader  - page 627

Wife Jennie Schrader, executor

Date 17 Jan 1894 Wit: C. C. Stuart, Eli H. Brown Filed 3 March 1899; rec 21 April 1899

H. L. Manuel  -  page 638

Wife Sallie E. Manuel, Executrix

Date 24 Sept 1899; wit G. C. Groce, P. T. Crisler Filed 8 April 1899; rec 27 June 1899

Lucinda E. Satterfield  - page 640

Children: Robert E. Satterfield, George W., Sam S., James R., Isaac W Satterfeld, S. Blanche Williams, Kate M. Winn

Grdau Lula E. Satterfield, oldest child Robert E. Satterfield

Daughter Florence G. Satterfield

Executor James R. Satterfield

Date 1 March 1892; wit J. A. Tate, T. O. Cheatham

Filed 8 April 1899; rec 28 June 1899

End of Ellis County Will Book A


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