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Ellis County Wills - Book 3

Contributed by Jean Caddel



[From abstracts made in 1961 by Mrs. G. W. Pierce for  Mrs. A. L. Feltenberger's History of Ellis County]

Page 1

T. E. Moore

Legatees: Mother, N. R. Moore; Sister, Nannie D. Moore; sister-in-law, Alice Moore; Brother, J. N. Moore & wife; Brother Sam Moore & wife J. E. Moore; Children of A. D. Moore. Adm: J. N. Moore (brother)

Wit: P. E. Woods  and O. W. Watson (friends)

Codicil names Miss Olivia Woods  witnesses: J. d. Stlvall

Date: Jan. 10, 1905

Wit. to codicil: J. D. Stovall Signed: T. E. Moore & Will Jennings

Filed Feb. 2, 1918 ; Recorded Mar. 18, 1918

Page 7

May Perkins   (wife of Henry Perkins; daughter of Riley Boren)

Legatees: Husband, Henry Perkins; Juanita Ray, Joaquin Ray, Riley B. Ray, Dora May Harding (Nee Parchman)

Adm: Husband, Henry L. Perkins

Wit: J. M. Carroll

Filed Feb. 15, 1918;  Recorded March 18, 1918

Page 8

M. D. Roberts

Legatees: Wife: Genoah Roberts; she named Executrix

Wit: A. L. Connally

Date: Jan. 3, 1918

Filed : Jan. 28, 1918; Recorded Mar. 30, 1918

Page 9

C. E. Douglas

Legatees: Wife: Mrs. L. L. Douglas; she also named Executrix

Date: Feb. 5, 1908 wit: W. N. Brown, C. N. Eubanks

Filed Jan. 14, 1918; Recorded Mar. 30, 1918


Page 10

J. Martin Scott

Legatee: Wife Mittie Scott Date: Aug. 23, 1909; she named Executrix

Filed : Feb. 16, 1918 Recorded Mar. 30, 1918


Page 11

Ida Alderdice

Legatee: Husband, J. M. Alderdice; he named Administrator

Wit: Mrs. H. P. Mizell;   John L. Mizell

Filed Feb. 15, 1918 Recorded April 3, 1918


Page 12

B. F. Hawkins

Legatee: Wife, Ruth A. Hawkins; she named Executrix

Date: Aug. 3, 1896

Wit: W. L. Hawkins  and W. W. Major

Filed Feb. 19, 1918 Recorded May 6, 1918


Page 13

Frances Turner

Legatees: Son, James Thomas Turner; Wife, Mary A. Turner: children of granddaughter, Gertrude Dawson, decd; granddaughter, Sallie Bethell; grandsons, Jimmie McEroy and Walter Odom; Glera Kate Tenpenny, child of Caldonia Tenpenny (dec'd).  Son, J. T. Turner named Administrator

Date: Jan. 14, 1908

Wit: Gardner Batte, R. W. Poplin, R. C. White

Filed April 20, 1917 Recorded May 6, 1918

Page 15

J. E. Williams

Legatees: Children of  John Williams, deceased, Edna & Jewell; Children of Mollie   Asberry, deceased, Roxey & Kimmie; Children of Mattie Donahew, deceased, Foster, Patrick, & Dovie. J. F. Whatt Administrator.

Date: June 1, 1918;   Wit: T. J. Powel

Filed June 3, 1918 Recorded June 7, 1918


Page 16

Ellen Bruce

Legatees: Will Bruce & Hallie May Bruce, Children of myself & Henry Bruce; Briggs Bennett & Maud Davis, Children of myself & Tobe Bennett. Jess Lowe named Administrator.

Date: July 2, 1917;   Wit: J. B. Brewer, H. L. Bunkley,   J. C. Lumpkins


Filed March 8, 1918 Recorded June 7, 1918

Page 17

R. N. Couch

Legatees: 1st wife Ellen I. Couch  and her children Orion Couch, R. E. Couch,. E. Olive West;   2nd wife Leora Couth and her children, Ina Couch, Everett Couch, victor Couch, Verna Couch, Hazel Couch, Katy  Ruth Couch, Elsie May Couch

Named Executrix Leora Couch.

Dated: Jan. 30, 1917  Wit. J. T. Spencer,. G. Proctor Hines

Filed May 10, 1918 Recorded June 8, 1918


Page 19

A. C. Prude

Legatee: Wife: Mollie H. Prude also named Executrix

Date: Sept. 10, 1917; Wit. Bowd Farrar and Sid Farrar

Filed Mar. 4, 1918 ; Recording date not given


Page 20

Lizzie Cecil

Legatees: Masonic Grand Chapter of Eastern Star;   Jurisdiction of Mr. W. M. H. Cecil & Dr. W. L. Haywood; Bill Fears named Executor

Date: Oct. 12, 1917 Wit: Georgia L. Borders, W. M. S. Borders

Filed May 10, 1918 Recorded: June 17, 1918

Page 21

R. N. Champion

Legatee: Wife: Mattie Champion also named Executrix

Date May 19, 1913; Wit. P. Freeman, W. N. Brown

Filed April 30, 1918 Recorded June 20, 1918


Page 22

J. S. S. Odom

Legatee: Wife Mollie Odom, also named Executrix

Dated Nov. 16, 1917; Wit: J. T. Forbes and H. B. Smith

Filed April 29, 1918 Recorded June 20, 1918


Page 23

Mary Gill Barnes

Legatee: Daughter: Lizzie Turner also named Executrix

Date April 15, 1918; Wit: John H. Sharp, Gill Barnes, Joe P. Boren

Filed May 14, 1918 Recorded July 17, 1918


Page 24

Emily A. Stone

Legatees: Daughter: Margaret Jane Stone; children of J. C. Stone, L. P. Stone, A. J. Stone; sons Franklin Adolphus Stone, Lee Stone

Other Legatees: Clay, Albert, Bessie, Emily Stone, Ellen, Rose Mary, Homer, George, Joe, Luther, Nora.; J. C. Stone named Admistrator

[no dates filing or recording given]


Page 27

T. J. Quinn

Legatees: Wife: A. Mariah Quinn; daughter India C. Mabry, Grandson Tommie Mabry Jr.; granddaugters Jeffie Quinn Odom, India Mae Mabry

Executris: wife A. Mariah Quinn;  To assist wife: Friend, J. B. Harrell, Mark Kennard

Commissioners: G. A. Harrell, J. A. Harrell, W. G. Curby

Date: Mar. 3, 1909; Wit: W. D. Cornett, C. E. Inge

Codicil: July 17, 1914 Wit: G. C. Gross, A. L. Smith

Filed May 2, 1918 Recorded Aug. 12, 1918

Page 34

J. H. Wakeland &  Wife Ann T. Wakeland

Legatees:  Wife, Ann, husband, J. H. Wakeland, daughter, Mary C. Elliott, children of son B. T. Wakeland, decd; Minnie Wakeland, Lena Estelle.Wakeland, Alice May Wakeland, Benjamin Tolbert Wakeland.

Children: Mary C. Elliott, R. E. Wakeland, J. P. Wakeland, Will Wakeland, C. L. Wakeland. Administrators: : Four sons named above.

Date: Jan. 8, 1916  

Wit: R. J. Coleman,   J. T. Spencer,  Ann T. Wakeland

Filed July 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918

Page 36

James M. Richards

Legatees: Minor Child: James M. Richards, Jr., Wife: Bay Richards, Children: Lucile Cole, Gladys Richards. Executrix:: Wife, Bay Richards

Date: Mar. 16, 1918: Wit: K. G. Stroud  and J. E. Cauthen

Filed Aug. 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918


Page 37

J.. E. Williams

Legatees: Children of John Williams, dec'd. Edna & Jewell. Children of Mollie Asberry, dec'd, Roxey & Jimmie. Children of Mattie Donahew, D: Foster, Patrick, Dovie.    Adm. J. F. Wyatt

Date : June 1, 1918 Wit: T. J. Powell ; J. E. Cauthen

Filed Aug. 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918

Page 40

Sarah Anne Bell Ray

Legatees: Mary Elizabeth Vickery, Children of Cynthia Jane Simpkins, dec'd: Nova, Arthur, Lane, Inez, John, John Kendricks
Adm: James N. Patterson

Wit: R. J. Patterson  and Ray Otto Briggs

Filed Aug. 23, 1918 Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 41

J. D. Sims & wife Elnora Sims

Legatees: Son: R. D. Sims, Daughters: Annie Sims, Lillie Estee Jewell Sims, Allie H. Horn Adm: Son, R. D. Sims

Date: Nov. 26, 1913    Wit: James Bracken. P. S. Park, Jr.

Filed  Nov. 5, 1918;  Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 44

Charles Dietrich

Legatees: May Dietrich, Claud Dietrich, Mrs. Pauline Perry, Wife: Lou Dietrich. Executrix: Lou Dietrich

Date: Feb. 14, 1917   Wit: J. P. Clark W. H. Brown

Filed Nov. 18, 1918; Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 44

Sarah E. Robertson

Legatee: Husband, J. A. Robertson. he also named Administrator

Wit: W. G. James Robertson  and  H. W. Winford

Filed Oct. 31, 1918;  Recorded Feb. 26, 1919


Page 45

Josiah Colt

Legatees:  Nettie Dancy Furman; nephew, M. P. Colt, Jr., four children of decd brother B. H. Colt; sisters Mary E. and Anna Colt

adm: Robert J. Caldwell

Date: Aug. 30, 1918 Wit: Andrew L Hainline

Filed Oct. 24, 1918; recorded Apr. 28, 1918

Page 46

John Wynn

wife Mrs. Mary Wynn

Died May 22 1882

Legatees Children: Mrs. Carrie whitten, Mrs. Alice Kirkpatrick; children decd dau Mrs. Bettie BearsL Mattie Beard, Juanita Beard, Gaither Beard; son John Lee Wynn

Adm: John Lee Wynn, Roman Ada

Date: Sept 5, 1916 wit: W. A. Claunch and E. A. Brigman


Filed Nov. 29, 1918; Rec April 28, 1919


Page 47

Mary Elmira Boren

Legatee: Husband Pierce Stokes Boren - also named administrator.

Date Dec. 3, 1916? wit: J. T. clark and O. D. Phillips

Filed Feb. 11, 1919; rec April 28, 1919

Page 48

John D. Collins

Legatees: wife; Margaret Collins, Susan McCormick, Isam Ledbetter, Thatcher Borden.

Admn: Dr.H. D. Nifong

Date Oct. 3, 1912; wit J. T. Clark and O. D. Phillips

Filed feb. 11, 1919; recorded April 29, 1919


Page 49

A. J. Fort

Legatees: Neice Annie Thomson, Masonic Home, Arlington, Tex; Children of John T Harris (brother of deceased wife Jennie Fort)

Adm John M. Weekley

Date March 10, 1917; wit: Owen Marchbanks  John H. Sharp

Filed Jan 8, 1919;  recorded Apr. 29, 1919


Page 50

A. L.Edwards

Legatees: Neices and Nepher Vida Bevil, Berta Mifflin, Floyd E. singleton.'

Ex:  D. F. . Singleton and A. L. Bevil

Date aug. 18, 1916; Wit. J. A. McKim ad thos. B. Coe


Filed Jan. 9, 1919; Recorded apr. 28, 1919


Page 51

S. Eddlemon

Legatees: Dau Miss Ola Eddlemon; heirs of m son

W. T. Eddlemon (deceased); Children: E. S. Eddlemon, J. T. Eddlemon, Mrs. Cora Kennen (widow); Mrs. Julia Norman, wife of T. W. Norman; a. L. Eddlemon, Miss Ola Eddleman, a feme sole; Mrs. Annie Simons, wife of Morton Simmons; Jake Eddlemon.

adm: Lynn D. Laswell

Date: Jan. 11, 1919; wit: J. Will Embrh and J. W. Custer


Filed Jan. 279, 1919; Rec April 28, 1919


Page 52

R. D. Rice & wife E. M Rice

Legatees: husband to wife; wife to husband

Page 53

J. C. Cutis

Legatees: wife J. L. Curtis, Jennie Hamblen, wife George amblen; children: Maud Bell, wife Joe Bell, Jimmie Norman, wife Dell Norman, Bessie Hawkins, wife Henry Hawkins, son John Curtis

Exec: wife J. L. Curtis

date Aug. 25, 1916 wit: S. A. . Wkilkinson


Filed Feb. 15, 1919; rec July 28, 1919

Page 54

J. W. & Mary C. Roberts husband & wife

Legatees: son H E. Roberts: gr-son R. E. Simmons; gr-ch: Riley Gale, Mamie Gale, Samuel  Gale dau Lottie Aldredge, Mary Elizabeth Hartly, Amanda Marshall, Adrien Harrison

Adm: H. E. Roberts

[no date] Wit C. C. Cooke and S. P. Skinner


filed Feb. 26, 1919; rec July 26, 1919

Page 56

Mrs. Rachel W. Hancock

Legatees: son Thomas W. Ridgway;  sister Mary S. Whitfield

Adm: Thomas W. Ridgway, Mary S. Whitfield

date Oct 12, 1910; Wit R. S. Middleson and J. E.lHammer

Filed Feb 17, 1919; Rec July 29, 1919

Page 57

Euclid E. Nelson


Page 58

Miss Ann Davis

Legatees: Lizzie Lockaby, P. W. Davis (Adminisrator) Miss Minnie Gober, Sallie Curtis

Date: March 21 1919; wit: W. H. Bentley & T. J. Davis


filed Apr. 23, 1919; Recorded July 29, 1919

Page 59

J. C. & Emma Malloy

Legatee: Survivor

Adm: survivor

Date May 23, 1919; wit: C A. Weatherford and A. Y. Wilcher

Filed for record [no dates]

Page 60

G. M. and Isabella Ward, husband and wife

Legatee son Lm M. Ward

Children: W. T. Ward, Susan Elizabeth Rogers, ne Ward, G. W. Ward, Alice Morrison ne Ward

Adm: Survivor

Witness: J. O> Hinton, L. C. Rhodes

Date: Feb. 23, 1927

Signed G. M. Ward  X -his mark

Page 62

William White

Legatee: Wife Ida White also named Executrix

Wit: J. Baldriodge, Fred A. Newton

date Oct. 31, 1918

signed William White

Filed Aug. 9, 1919; rec Sept 24, 1919

Page 62

J. A Marshall

Legatees: wife Jennie Marshall - also named Executrix

Children: annie "Farrar, wife of J. H. Farrarl Ed Marshall; Mar Strooud, wife of Tom Stroud; Marvin Marshall; Fannie chapmanm, wife of Alfred chapan; bob Marshall, Pearl Douglas, wife of Larkin Douglas, Joe Marshall

Wit: M. D. Rutherford, Miss Teresa Pearce

date Nov. 19k 1913 - Signed J. A Marshall

Filed Mar. 4, 1914; Rec Sept. 25, 1919

Page 63

Anna H. Bunkley

Legatees: children, William W. Bunkley,Edward A. Bunkley, Camilla B. Bunkley, Jesse O. Bunkley, charlee L. Bunkley, Horatio L. Bunkley, Emmie C. Carter, wife of Jesse M. Carter; Beatrice M. Lee, wife of J. M. Lee, Anna Gertrude Huckabee, widow

Adm: William W. Bunkley, Horatio L. Bunkley, J. M. Lee

Wit: R. C. :Phillips

Date Oct. 9, 1909

Signed  Anna B. Bunkley

Page 65

Thomas Lincoln Lohr

Legatees: wife Laura Jane Lohr, also named Executrix]

Children: Claud Thomas Lohr;  Leona Lohr

Wit: J. H. Lohr J. C. Hinton'

Date Nov. 17, 1915 Signed Thomas Lincon Lohr

Filed Mar. 7, 1917; rec. Sept. 25, 1919

Page 66

S. H. Brown

Legatee wife Margaret A. Brown also named executrix

wit: K. Baldridge, P. Freeman

Date Jan. 12, 1905

Signed S. H. Brown

Filed Mar. 7, 1917; Rec Sept.25, 1919

Page 67

E. P. Shands

Legatees Dau. Edna May Shands

Adm: Son Bert Shands

Wiot: Tom Whipple, L. L. Lohr

Date April 2, 1919 sogned E. P; Shands

Filed July 2, 1919; Rec Sept. 25, 1919

Page 67

Smith Pratt

Legatees: wife  Florence Blount, Mrs. Nellie Arnold - also named Executrix

Wit:Wm Blount, Wm Massey

Date Jjne 13, 1919; Signed SSith Pratt

filed July 15, 1919; Rec Sept. 29, 1919

Page 68

W. H. & M. E. Johnson (husband and wife)

Legatee - survivor

Wit: C . A. Weatherford, W. A. Cox

Date. April 5, 1912 ;

Signed  W.H. Johnson N, E. Johnson


Filed for record May 14, 1919; recorded Nov. 26, 1919

Page 69

Mattie C. Lancaster

Legatee husband J. M. Lacastrer (also named administrator)

Wit: O. H. Chapman and E. C. McCartney

Date March 5, 1907

Signed Mattie Lancaster

Filed for record May14, 1919; recorded Nov. 26, 1919

Page 69

T.F. Thompson

Legatees: wife: Minnie Lee Thompson; Dauighter Dollie Mae Thompson, mother Mrs. N. A. Tompson, brother R. A. Thompson'

adm: A. J. Thompson, D. H. Thompson Joe C. Thompson

wit: John and a. B.. Dunaway

date Oct. 15, 1914;

siged T. F. Thompson

Filed for record Sept /4,. 1914; rec. Feb. 16, 1920

Page 70

D. L. Hinkle and wife Elizabeth Hinkle

Legatee  survivor

Administrator Survivor

wit: R. D. Burleson, A. C. Hinkle

Date Sept. 14, 1915

Signed D. L. Hinkle;  Elizabeth Hinkle

Filed  Nov. 6, 1916; Rec. Feb. 16, 1920

Page 71

Will of Maggie E. White

Legatees: Children: Robert M. White, W. A. White, W. Gregg White, Des. V. White, Mary L. Quaite, Houston M. White, Linnie L. White, A. Jewell White.

Wit: J. R. Spence, A. Tinsley

Adm. W. A. White

Date: Oct. 14, 1919

Signed: Maggie E. White


Filed for record Nov. 17, 1919; Recorded Feb. 16, 1920

Page 72

R. R. Hendricks

Legatees: Wife: Mrs. Daisey

Son: Homer Hendricks

Exec: Wife

Wit: R. G. Phillips, G. C. Groce

Filed Nov. 6, 1919; Recorded Feb. 16, 1920

Page 73

Wilburn Edgar Hampton

Legatee: Wife: Mrs. Wilburn E. Hampton

Exec: Mrs. Wilburn E. Hampton

Wit: Roy Allen Brown, Boyd Brown

Date: Mar. 15, 1915

Signed: Wilburn Edgar Hampton


Filed for record Sept. 11, 1919; Recorded Feb. 15, 1920

Page 73

T. E. Slay

Legatees: Children: W. H. Slay, Burnett Slay, Lilia Burnett (ne Slay), Clyde & Theodore, sons of Fred Slay.

Adm: W. H. Slay

Wit: Whit George, P. S. Parks, Jr.

Date: Mar. 19, 1913

Signed: T. E. Slay


Filed for record Nov. 3, 1919

Page 75

Will of Anna Epps

Legatees: Sarah E. Loflin, Elizabeth Ellen Bowd, Minnie Lee Rambo, Maggie J. Davis, D. T. Epps, Mary J. Harkey, Eugenger A. Edwards;

Children of deceased son, Matt P. Epps;

Children of deceased Son, John Calvin Epps

Children of deceased daughter, Emily Ellen Bowd,

Gr'children: Andrew Epps, Louisa Epps, Lille Lee Epps; James Luther Epps.

Exe: W. A. Johnson

Wit: F. W. Ward, L. L. Grantham

Date: May 31, 1916

her   X    Mark

Signed: Anna Epps


Filed for record Sept. 27, 1916; Recorded Feb. 19, 1920

Page 76

Charles A. Gagliano

Legatee: Wife: Rosazella R. Gagliano

Adm: Wife

Wit: J. Baldridge, H. R. Davis

Date: May 12, 1919

Signed: Chas. A. Gagliano


Filed for record Sept. 11, 1919; Recorded Feb. 19, 1920

Page 76

State of Okla. County of Bryan

Will of A. L. C. Counter

Legatees: Bro., Dr. A. L. Taylor & wife, Dr. L. M. Taylor, C. M. Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Miss C. E. Taylor.

Husband: J. L. Counter

Father: Wyley J. Taylor

Sister C. N. Norman

Aunt: Mrs. Aby Smith

Adm: Wyley J. Taylor

Wit: Cornelia Jones, Porter Newman

Date: Sept. 7, 1914

Signed: Mrs. A. L. C. Counter


Filed for record May 29, 1918; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 78

Will of Elizabeth Jordon

Legatee: Gr'son: Hulice Wilson Jordon

Adm: Robert Jordon

Wit: Wm Tidwell, P. J. Hurst

Date: Dec. 21, 1917

  Signed: Elizabeth x Jordon her mark


Filed Mar. 22, 1920; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 80

Will of P. J. Harman

Legatee: Wife: Eva Harman

Exec: Wife

Wit: A. W. Wilson, T. H. Collier

Date: Feb. 3, 1909

Signed: P. J. Harman


Filed for record Dec. 18, 1919; Recorded May 21, 1920

Page 79

Will of J. A. Orr

Legatee: Daughter: Mrs. S. J. Eskridge, Mrs. Zauline Moore.

Adm: G. T. Eskridge, L. C. Moore

Wit: C. E. Burke, R. D. Burleson

Date: July 21, 1919

Signed: J. A. Orr


Filed for record Nov. 24, 1919; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 81

Will of R. D. Harris & wife Ann Elizabeth Harris

Legatees: Daughters: Mrs. Anna B. Taylor, Mrs. Addie F. Robinson

Adm: Survivor

Wit: C. M. Supple, S. P. Skinner

Date: Feb. 26, 1906

Signed: R. D. Harris

Ann Elizabeth Harris


Filed for record Feb. 12, 1920; Recorded May 21, 1920

Page 82

Will of C. W. Gibson

Legatee: Wife: Ella H. Gibson

Exec: Ella H. Gibson

Wit: G. C. Groce, R. D. McCombe

Date: Aug. 12, 1916

Signed: G. W. Gibaon


Filed for record Mar. 13, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 83

Will of Alice Hodge

Legatees: Sister: Mrs. Octavia Saddlers

Exec: Mrs. Octavia Saddlers

Wit: John H. Sharp, Owen Marchbanks

Date: Dec. 30, 1915

Signed: Alice Hodge


Filed Jan. 16, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 84

Will of P. M. Wise

Legatee: Wife: Mary J. Wise

Exec: Mary J. Wise

Wit: J. P. Wyatt, L. C. Todd

Date: June 7, 1911

Signed: E. M. Wise


Filed for record Feb. 25, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 85

Will of J. M. Camper

Legatee: Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Camper

Exec: Sarah Elizabeth Camper

Children & gr'children: Lawreence Camper, James & Winston Fellers, Herbert Floyd, .

E. J. Camper

Wit: J. S. Boren, M. L. McCall

Date: Feb. 12, 1920

Signed: J. M. Camper


Filed for record Mar. 15, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 86

Will of J. D. Carson

Legatee: Wife: Cora Carson

Exec: Cora Carson

Wit: A. O. Moore, W. H. Brown

Date: Jan. 20, 1920

Signed: J. D. Carson


Filed for record Mar. 25, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 86

Will of Augustus Martin

Legatees: Wife: Isabell Martin

Daughter: Myrtle F.(?), wife of O. O. Blakeley

Son: Felix G. Martin

Son: Willie P. Martin

Exec: Wife

Wit: Y. D. Kemble, C. A. Arnold

Date: Jan. 24, 1907

Signed: Augustus Martin

Filed for record Mar. 26, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 87

Will of Mrs. M. A. Ramby, widow of T. S. Ramby

Legatees: Son: John F. Smith

Daugheter: Mrs. M. L. Batchelor

Gr'child: W. L. Smith

Adm: A. W. Greene, H. E. White

Wit: B. E. White, W. Y. Perry

Date: Mar. 31, 1919

Signed: Mrs. M. A. Ramby her X mark


Filed for record Mar. 29, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 88

Will of M. A. Garvin

Legatee: Husband: T. F. Garvin

Exec: T. F. Garvin

Wit: R. T. Rea, J. C. Oliver

Date: Nov. 22, 1910

Signed: M. A. Garvin

Filed for record Mar. 29, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 89

Will of Maggie A. Chambers

Legatees: Sister: Mrs. Bennie Mizell

Niece: Mrs. Thornwell Creighton, Mrs. Susie Morgan

Gr'nephew: James Creighton, Margaret Mizell, Willie Price Miaell

Exec: Mrs. Susie Morgan; John H. Sharp.

Wit: A. J. Hooper, P. B. Curd

Date: Aug. 17, 1918

Signed: Miss Maggie A. Chambers

Filed for record Apr. 1, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 92

Will of E. M. Hickman

Legatee: Husband: J. H. Hickman

Adm: J. M. Hickman

Wit: O. E. Dunlap, T. A. Ferris

Date: Apr. 11, 1911

Signed: E. N. Hickman


Filed Apr. 10, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 92

Will of R. A. Keenan

Legatee: Wife: Lillian A. Keenan

Exec: Lillian A. Keenan

Wit: G. C. Groce, S. P. Skinner

Date: Nov. 7, 1899

Signed: R. A. Keenan


Filed for record Apr. 16, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 93

Will of Mary C. Humble

Legatee: Niece: Mrs. Addie Smith

Exec: Nephew, W. E. Smith

Wit: W. E. Fitzgerald, Walter R. Smith, German Walker

Date: Mar. 26, 1912

Signed: Mary C. Humble


Filed for record Apr. 9, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920 Page 94

Page 94

Will of J. C. Maloney & wife Mary Maloney

Legatees: Daughter: Mrs. Lula F. Wakeland, wife of C. L. Wakeland

Gr'children: J. C. Wakeland, Jr., Beatrice Wakeland, Mary Estelle Wakeland, J.

C. Maloney, Harvey Maloney

Adm: C. L. Wakeland

Wit: Bert E. Kinder, R. B. Hamilton

Date: Mar. 15, 1915

Signed: J. C. Maloney; Mary M. Maloney


Filed for record May 12, 1920; Recorded July 23, 1920

Page 95

Will of Luke Harrison

Legatee: Wife: Abbie Payne Harrison

Daughter: Dorothy Harrison

Son: Bryan Payne Harrison

Exec: Wife

Wit: J. F. Cobb, W. W. Hilbrant

Date: Sept. 17, 1915

Signed: Luke Harrison


Filed for record May 21, 1920; Recorded July 24, 1920

Page 96

Will of Jackson Lee Penn

Legatee: Wife: Gertrude Penn

Exec: Wife

Wit: Y. D. Kemble, G. W. Coleman

Date: June 15, 1903

Signed: J. Lee Penn


Filed for record July 7, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

Page 97

Will of J. D. Duke

Legatees: Children: W. H. Duke, S. L. Duke, Etta Dillard, B. D. Duke, Maude M. Dillard, V. S. Duke, Phama Duke

Adm: J. C. Oliver

Wit: J. T. Spencer, Wm McManus

Date: Oct. 4, 1919

Signed: J. D. Duke


Filed for record Feb. 26, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

Page 98

Will of Elizabeth Rogers

Legatee: Children (not named)

Adm: John J. Rogers

Wit: C. P. Dabbs, W. A. Hammond

Date: Mar. 25, 1916

Signed: Elizabeth Rogers

Filed for record May 29, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

Page 99

Will of Martha A. Johnson

Legatee: Son: John T. Johnson

Ex: John T. Johnson; Wit: John M. Sharp, Phelps Terry

Date: Mar. 17, 1908

Signed: Martha A. Johnson


Filed for record July 7, 1920; Recorded Oct. 2, 1920

Page 100

Will of E. D. Champion

Legatees: Wife, Daughter of Jos. F. Champion (Pauline), Son: John L. Champion, Fannie Fowler, Georgiz McKinney, Son Robert's children, Daughter, Mrs. Bettie McClain's children.

Ex: John L. Champion, Mrs. Georgia McKinney, Mrs. Fannie Fowler

Wit: J. Baldridge, Fred A. Newton

Date: Nove. 17, 1919

Signed: E. D. Champion


Filed July 17, 1920; Recorded Oct. 2, 1920

Page 101

Will of T. B. Cain

Legatee: Wife: M. E. Cain

Ex: M. E. Cain

Wit: Tom Whipple, F. L. Wilson

Date: Jan. 18, 1918

Signed: T. B. Cain


Filed for record Aug. 16, 1920; Recorded Oct. 2, 1920

Page 102

Will of C. W. Whitfield

Legatee: Wife: Ollie Whitfield

Ex: Ollie Whitfield

Wit: Mrs. Ruby Harris, Wm. Tidwell

Date: Nove. 16, 1912

his mark Signed x Whitfield


Filed Oct. 30, 1920; Recorded Jan. 25, 1921

Page 103

Will of Mark Smith

Legatee: Daughter: Mrs. Nettie Smith

Ex: Mrs. Nettie Smith

Wit: A. J. Sanders, Henry F. Huffaker

Date: July 13, 1920

Signed: Mark Smith


Filed for record Nov. 22, 1920; Recorded Jan. 24, 1921

Page 105

Will of Mrs. Parlee Tapp

Legatee: Husband: C. W. Tapp

Adm: C. W. Tapp

Wit: J. F. Owlin,  [Nowlin?] T. A. Sisson

Date: Mar. 13, 1919

Signed: Mrs. Parlee Tapp


Filed for record Aug. 17, 1920; Recorded Jan. 25, 1921

Page 106

Will of J. R. Cox  [James Richard]

Legatee: Wife: Lucy Ann Cox also named Administator

Wit: A. M. Page, J. T. Minor

Date: Dec. 24, 1919

Signed: J. R. Cox


Filed for record Feb. 11, 1921; Recorded Mar. 25, 1921

Page 106

Will of R. L. Massey

Legatee: Wife: Parelee Massey; Children: Annie May Whaley, wf of Charlie Whaley, Grover Preston Massey, Clifton Massey, Stella Allen, wf of C. W. Allen, Vera Womack, wf of C. L. Womack, Homer Massey, Ulus Massey, Hershell Massey.

Adm: Wife

Wit: Cal Huffman, Dawson Holden, F. B. Marshall

Date: Jan. 29, 1919

Signed: R. L. Massey


Filed for record Apr. 9, 1921; Recorded Apr. 9, 1921

Page 108

Will of H. T. & M. J. Wilcher

Legatee: Survivor

Adm: Survivor

Wit: C. E. Kooken, Van Johnson

Date: July 14, 1919

Signed: H. T. Wilcher, M. J. Wilcher


Filed for record Sept. 27, 1920; Recorded Apr. 9, 1921

Page 109

Will of Rube W. Rushing

Legatee: Wife: Florence Rushing

Exec: Wife

Wit: R. D. Caudle, Mrs. J. J. Howeth

Date: May 1, 1912

Signed: R. W. Rushing


Filed for Record Nov. 30, 1920; Recorded Apr. 9, 1931

Page 110

Will of T. F. Griffin

Legatees: Children: Nellie Beauchamp, Jessie Taylor, Stella West, Mabel Griffin, Taylor Griffin, Gladys Griffin

Wife: C. P. Griffin

Exec: C. P. Griffin

Wit: O. L. Allen, C. P. Kendall

Date: Mary 27, 1906

Signed: T. F. Griffin


Filed for record May 26, 1919; Recorded Apr. 11, 1921

Page 111

Will of Vorhees Trippett

Legatee: Wife: Mary M. Trippet

Exec: Mary M. Trippet

Wit: R. J. McGee, Tom J. Ball

Date: Feb. 24, 1917

Signed: Vorhees Trippet


Filed Dec. 9, 1920; Recorded Apr. 11, 1921

Page 112

Will of F. E. Aday

Legatees: Daughter of Brother, J. R. Aday; Ethel Burgees; Mrs. Ona Tole, Miss Mary Maud Aday, Matie Lou Aday

Nephew: Bevie Leonard Aday

Sons of Brother, J. R. Aday, Robert Earl Aday, John Luther Aday, Bevie Leonard Aday, Denis Lee Aday

Wit: R. A. Workman, W. B. Moore

Date: Mar. 30, 1917

Signed: F. E. Aday


Filed for record Oct. 14, 1920; Recorded May 27, 1921

Page 113

Will of George C. Sweatt

Legatees: Children: Guy Edward, Debory, Goodwin

Wife: Mattie Poindexter Sweatt

Exec: Mattie Poindexter Sweatt

Wit: Joe L. Loe, Tom Criddle

Date: Feb. 16, 1921

Signed: George C. Sweat


Filed for record Mar. 2, 1921; Recorded June 22, 1921

Page 114

Will of David B. Bullard

Legatees: Wife: M. L. Bullard; Children: Thomas J. Bullard, Ella M. Parsons, Maggie B. Simmons, Mary

Eugenie Simmons, Lora C. Dabney; Daughter: Byrd Bloffer (nee Bullard)

Adm: Thomas J. Bullard, Ella M. Parsons

Wit: Lena Hill, Wm. C. Hill

Date: Nov. 27, 1905

Signed: David B. Bullard


Filed for record Mar. 25, 1921; Recorded June 22, 1921

Page 115

Will of Margaret Letitia Bullard

Legatees: Husband: David B. Bullard; Children Thomas J. Bullard, Ella M. Parsons, Maggie B. Simmons, Mary Eugenie Simmons, Lora C. Dabney; Daughter: Byrd Bloffer (nee Bullard)

Adm: Thomas J. Bullard, Ella M. Parsons

Wit: Lena Hill, Wm C. Hill

Date: Nov. 27, 1905

Signed: Margaret Letitia Bullard


Filed for record Mar. 25, 1921, Recorded June 22, 1921

Page 116

Will of John M. B. Yarbrough

Legatees: Wife: Mrs. Hester Yarbrough; Children: Mattie V. Yarbrough, J. B. Yarbrough, Warren

Yarbrough, Myrtaline Yarbrough.

Exec: Wife

Wit: E. P. Hawkins, G. Nicholas

Date: Mar. 16, 1918

Signed: John M. B. Yarbrough


Filed for record Apr. 6, 1921; Recorded June 27, 1921

Page 117

Will of Mary Hood & husband J. D. Hood

Legatee: Survivor; Children: Children of deceased son, Otis Hood.

Adm: J. R. Hood, H. E. Trippet

Wit: George P. Misell, R. B. Griffin

Date: Apr 28, 1915

Signed: J. D. Hood, Mary Hood


Filed for record Apr. 7, 1921; Recorded June 22, 1921

Page 120

Will of Thomas J. Cole

Legatees: Wife: Ella Kilbourne Cole; Children: B. T. Cole, S. W. Cole, G. C. Cole, Alma Speer, wife of Clyde Orr, wf of James Orr, Jr.

Deceased wife, Elizabeth Goble Cole

Adm: S. W. Cole

Wit: R. B. Griffin, T. J. Cole

Date: June 15, 1916

Signed: Thomas J. Cole

Filed for record Apr. 14, 1921; Recorded June 23, 1921



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