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Ellis County Wills - Book 2

1898 - 1918

Contributed by Jean Caddel


[From abstracts made in 1961 by Mrs. G. W. Pierce for Mrs. A. L. Feltenberger's History of Ellis County]

Page 1

F. H. Woodring 

Sons: Sammie, Cyrus B., Oscar B., Felix J. Woodring; Daus: Callie A., Lucretia R., dec'd, dau. Minnie B.; Gr'ch: Bessie Calvin, dau. Of Minnie B.; Adm. Crus B. Woodring [son]

Wit: Osce Goodwin; T. A. Ferris

Filed July 10, 1899; Rec'd May 9, 1900

Page 4

Ann Boren

Husband: Joseph Boren (dec'd); Sons: Joseph H. Boren, Thadeus P. Boren;   Dts: Elizabeth Alexander, Mary E. Alexander, S. Adeline Howard; Adm. Thadeus P. Boren

Wit: J. Baldridge; J. S. McDuffie; Frank Templeton

Filed July 10, 1899; Rec May 9, 1900

Page 6

E. A. Kimball

Wife: Pauline F. Kimball;  also named Administratrix

Wit: D. F. Singleton; J. Baldridge

Filed Aug. 9, 1899; Rec May 7, 1900

Page 8

J. W. Ferris

Wife: Martha J. Ferris; Sons: Royal A. Ferris, Thomas A. Ferris

sons named Administrators

Wit: Anson Rainey; R. B. Briggs; T. H. McDuffie

Filed Sept. 6, 1899; Recorded May 8, 1900

Page 10

Amanda Smith

Husband, J. K. Smith, also named Administrator

Wit: M. J. Evans; J. C. Smith

Filed Sept. 7, 1899; Recorded May 8, 1900

Page 12

John Batchler & wife Elizabeth Batchler

Sons: J. E. Batchler (dec'd); G. W. Batchler; H. T. Batchler; J. M. Batchler; W. W. Batchler; dau Mary E. Farrar; gr'ch Lena Hood, J. E. Batchler, Emma Lee Batchler

Administrators - W.W. Batchler and J. M. Batchler

Wit: C. W. Crum; J. A. Jones

Filed Oct. 30, 1899; Recorded May 8, 1900

Page 15

Betsy Harris

Husband: F. S. Harris; daus of F. S. Harris, Mary E. King, Martha (Mrs. J. H. Fearis)  F. S. Harris, Administrator

Wit: A. A. Kemble & Florer

Filed Nov. 8, 1899; Rec May 8, 1900

Page 17

H. Y. Douglas

Wife: Sallie H. Douglas; sons Herbert, Paul and Howard; daugs Cammie and Leona; Adm Sallie H Douglas and my brother J. C. Douglas

Wit: B. H. Buckley; O. A. Hilderbrand

Filed Dec. 8, 1899; Rec'd May 9, 1900

Page 19

Alexander Brisbin

Wife Hannah Brisbin; son Weatly; daus Lucinda, Mary E., Sarah J., Henry and Betsy

Wit: Valentine Servier, M. L. Landrith, L. J. Patterson

Will probated & recorded Jan.Term 1872 Dist. Court, see Probate Minutes, Bk D, Pg. 162;   Recorded Aug. 2, 1900

Page 21

C. M. Collier

Wife: Amanda Collier; sons T. W. Collier and J. D. Collier; Dau Mrs. N. F  Gibson; gr-sons John Collier and Arthur Collier, sons of decd son Geo. C. Collier.; Adm A. Thomas

Wit: P. H. Wheatley; J. D. Porterfield

Filed Jan. 27, 1900; Recorded Sept. 28, 1900

Page 23

Laura E. Anderson

Husband Tom R. Anderson; sons Tom R. and Grady; daus M. b. Templeton and H. W. Trippett; Adm Tom R. Anderson

Filed May 9, 1900; Recorded Oct. 1, 1900

Page 24

M. M. Livingston

Wife Martha Elizabeth Livingston; sons J. R. Livingston, T. F. Livingston

Adm: wife Martha Elizabeth Livingston and R. C. Frazier

Wit: J. R. McFadden; W. A. McDaniel; W. T. M. Dickson

Filed May 23, 1900; Recorded Oct. 1, 1900

Page 26

Stacy Clardy

Sisters: Mrs. L. A. Boswell and her 3 sons: B. Boswell, Jessie Boswell, Adolphus Boswell; Mrs. L.A. Boswell Admrx

Wit: J. L. Dobb; T. W. Wood

Filed July 7, 1900; Recorded Oct. 2, 1900

Page 29

J. Todd

Mother: Margaret J. Todd; brother Samuel J. Todd he also Adm.

Wit: Samuel Mays; Sallie T. Mays

Filed July 7, 1900; Recorded Oct. 4, 1900

Page 30

Wm M. Barton

Wife: Harriet L. Barton she also Admrx

Wit: L. W. Gray; J. A. Gray

Filed Sept. 19, 1800; Recorded Dec. 5, 1900

Page 32

Blanche L. Templeton

dau Blanche

Wit: H. W. Trippet; Mamie Trippet; Adm: M. B. Templeton

Filed Dec. 21, 1899;   Rec'd Mar. 4, 1901

Page 33

R. Beall

Wife: Mahala Adalaide

Sons: Jas Andrew Beall, Peter Ray Beall, Wm H. Beall (dec'd) Richard J. Beall & their heirs.

Daus: Magaret Lula (now Ellington), Letitia P. Fields (dec'd), Emma B. Griffin & their heirs.

Gr'dau: Lula Hazre

Wit: R. P. Burks, W. H. Forbes, Mart McClanahah.

Adm: Mahala Adalaide Beall ( or James A. Beall)

Filed Mar. 15, 1900 Rec'd Mar. 5, 1901

Page 38

John Overall

Sons: Jas. B. Overall, J. L. Overall, Wood Overall, Henry A. Overall, Dr. W. E. Overall (dec'd)

Daus: Mrs. M. E. Harper, Mrs. Lula V. Willett, Mrs. Annie B. True, Miss Kate E. Overall, Miss Alice Overall, Miss Maggie Overall.

Gr'ch: Wm Overall

Wit: O. E. Dunlap, G. C. Groce  Adm: S. F. Skinner

Filled July 7, 1900; Rec'd Mar. 6, 1901

Page 41

T. J. Montgomery

Son: Yancy Montgomery

Dau: Ruth Montgomery

Wit: Rebecca Akers; S. P. Skinner

Adm: Yancy Montgomery

Filed Sept. 22, 1900 Rec'd Mar. 6, 1901

Page 43

Derrell Cone

Virgil Cone & wife Edna

Dau: Mrs. Verbena O. Russell (dec'd)

Wit: J. A. Brannon; Jennie Grant; Adm: P. P. Smith

Filed Oct. 30, 1900 Rec'd Mar. 6, 1901

Page 46

B. B. Langham

Wife: I. J. Langham

Daus: A. E. Brison (dec'd), Carrie McNeil, Laura E. Martin, Belle Martin

Wit: T. H. Newton, R. P. Burks

Adm: A. E. Brison (son-in-law); John McNeil (son-in-law)

Filed Nove. 5, 1900 Rec'd Mar. 7, 1901

Page 49

Whitley Miller

Wife: Evaline

Daus: Mary Ann Crum, Lucy Jane Lavender, Elizabeth Catherine Youree, Mahala Eavline Slayton, Frances Lucinda Bell, Martha Malina Bell.

Sons: William Alexander Miller, Jacob Hery, George Thomas Miller

Wit: F. L. Hawkins; S. P. Skinner; Adm: Jacob Henry Miller; George Thomas Miller

Filed Nov 16, 1900 Rec'd Mar 7, 1901

Page 52

Malina G. Marchbanks

Son: Norman H. Wittenberg

Dau: Clementine L. Thomas

Gr'ch: Mollie Coleman, Malina Thomas, John Thomas, Eugene Thomas, Augustus Thomas, Annie Thomas (children of dec'd dau, Ann Sloan Thomas)

Wit: G. H. Cunningham; Wm A. Parks; G. A. Thomas

Adm: George H. Cunningham

Filed Nov 21, 1900 Rec'd Mar. 7, 1901

Page 56

Eliza Sims

Husband: N. P. Sims

Dau: Ettie Sweatt

Sons: J. F. Cross, John Cross, O. E. Dunlap, S. M. Dunlap

Gr'ch: Children of dec'd dau, S. A. Calhoun

Wit: N. A. McMillan, Osce Goodwin; Adm: O. E. Dunlap, S. M. Dunlap

Filed Mar 7, 1901;  Rec'd Oct 9, 1901

Page 57

G. F. Aldridge

Wife: Lettie M. Aldridge; also Adm

Wit: W. F. Wade, W. R. Brooks

Filed Mar 20, 1901 Rec'd Oct 10, 1901

Page 59

Mrs. H. F. Davis

Sons: George W. Davis, Henry Davis, Edward Davis, J. J. Davis, E. A. Davis, H. R. Davis.

Wit: Mrs. Susan Kendall; Mrs. S. E. Camper; Mrs. Nancy Marcier

Filed Apr 6, 1901 Rec'd Oct 10, 1901

Page 61

M. E. Harris

Husband: C. J. Harris

Brother: W. F. Timmins

Sister (?): Mollie B. Shuster (nee Timmins)

Sister: C. A. Johnston, J. F. Timmins

Heirs of R. L. Timmins, dec'd

Wit: W. F. West; C. L. Wheeler

Adm: C. J. Harris

Filed Apr 1, 1901 Rec'd Oct 10, 1901

Page 62

F. E. Harris

Sons: J. L. Harris, T. S. Harris, H. H. Harris

Wit: H. S. Parsons, J. M. Parker

Adm: J. L. Harris, T. S. Harris, H. H. Harris

Filed June 14, 1901 Rec'd Oct 10, 1901

Page 64

Cynisca Williams

Husband: John G. Williams (dec'd)

Dau: Mary

Gr'ch: Edward Rush Williams, Edward Hammett Williams

Son: Edward Williams

Wit: A. A. Kemble, Y. D. Kemble

Adm: Dr. R. P. Sweatt

Filed June 18, 1901 Rec'd Oct 10, 1901

Page 66

A. J. Rowe

Wife: S. G. Rowe

Wit: D. F. Singleton, J. B. Risland

Adm: S. G. Rowe

Filed Nov 8, 1901 Rec'd May 24, 1902

Page 68

Nancy J. Goodrich

Husband: J. T. Goodrich

Wit: P. M. Parker, W. D. Mahan

Adm: J. T. Goodrich

Filed Dec 20, 1901 Rec'd May 24, 1902

Page 69

Wm M. Fuqua

Wife: Elizabeth Fuqua

Son: J. S. Fuqua

Wit: J. H. Chesnutt, W. H. Fuqua

Adm: None named

Filed Dec 23, 1901 Rec'd May 24, 1902

Page 70

B. G. Connor

Wife: Elizabeth Connor; also Admr.

Wit: C. W. Gibson, M. T. Patrick, R. M. White

Filed Feb 14, 1902 Rec'd May 24, 1902

Page 72

J. D. Farrar, Sr.

Son: James Dallas Farrar

Friend (col): Clint T. Thomas

Adm: Mrs. M. J. Moore (Mother)

Wit: J. N. Talley, J. D. Shankle

Filed Apr 9, 1902 Rec'd May 26, 1902

Page 76

S. A. Jenkins

Sons: Geo. W. Jenkins, Coleman F. Jenkins (dec'd), S. J. Jenkins (dec'd)

Daus: Carrie Witherspoon, (dec'd), Dolly Aly

Gr'ch: Angeline Hatley, A. J. Jenkins, H. H. Jenkins

Wit: W. L. Harding, J. J. Metcalfe

Adm:George W. Jenkins

Filed May 13, 1902 Rec'd May 27, 1902

Page 79

J. Carroll Smith & wife Mary A. Smith

Daus: Sarah J. Marrow, Clementine Mann, Mary Sue Sorley

Gr'dau: Mary Sue Marrow, Bossie Marrow

Sons: Sam G. Smith, W. T. Smith, J. C. Smith, Jr.

Wit: J. W. Craig, J. F. Craig

Adm: Mary Sue Sorley

Filed Mar 15, 1902 Rec'd May 27, 1902

Page 82

James McElwee

Daus: Cippiana Jane McElwee Oats, Rachel N. McElwee Havill.

Sons: William M., James N., John C. McElwee.

Wit: W. L. Hancock, J. L. Everett

Adm: O. E. Harvill; Rachel N. Harvill

Filed Apr 15, 1902 Rec'd May 27, 1902

Page 84

S. D. Morton

Sons: Rufus M. Morton, W. D. Morton, E. H. Morton

Wit: A. B. Harris, J. E. Harris

Filed Mar 17, 1902 Rec'd Aug 14, 1902

Page 85

W. D. Dillon

Nephew: Calvin Pearson

Gr'dt (step): Mitta Lenna McPhaill

Wit: K. D. Bateman, M. K. Bateman

Adm: Calvin Pearson

Filed July 19, 1902 Rec'd Aug 14, 1902

Page 87

Elizabeth Davis

Sister: Emma J. Lewis

Brothers: J. B. Davis, V. A. Davis, J. I. Davis

Wit: R. L. Goodloe, S. P. Skinner

Adm: W. A. Lewis

Filed July 3, 1902 Rec'd Aug 14, 1902

Page 90

N. P. Sims

Step-sons: O. E. Dunlap, S. M. Dunlap

Heirs: George H. Cunningham, O. E. Dunlap, S. M. Dunlap, Public Library of Waxahachie, Tex.

Wit: G. C. Groce; J. N. Langsford

Filed June 3, 1902 Rec'd Oct 13, 1902

Page 94

John Piper

Wife: Poline Piper

Daus: Margaret Warren, Effie Wyatt

Gr'ch: Children of George & Victoria Partin

Children of William & Mahala Harper

Wit: S. W. Wesley, J. C. Smith

Adm: W. A. Blassingame, C. W. Piper (son)

Filed June 9, 1902 Rec'd Oct 14, 1902

Page 95

Richard C. Jackson

Wife: Nancy J. Jackson

Daus: Gertrude Denham, Nancy Craig

Sons: Robert Jackson, William H. Jackson, Thomas Jackson (dec'd)

Wit: W. H. Brown, J. L. Blumenthal

Adm: Gertrude Denham

Filed June 26, 1902 Rec'd Oct 14, 1902

Page 97

J. H. Kelley

Wife: Rebecca A. Kelly

Sons: J. E. Kelly, W. T. Kelly

Wit: Burr Martin, D. T. Brundage

Filed July 11, 1902 Rec'd Nov 15, 1902

Page 100

J. C. Cavender

Wife: W. H. Cavender

Ch of 1st wife: (1st wife, Adaline Cavender)

James Francis Cavender, Ladonia Cavender, Virginia Vidk, Izora Gonzales Woods,

Ellen Ophelia Woods, Mary Elizabeth Cavender, John William Cavender.

Ch of 2nd wife: (Martha Cavender, dec'd)

Marah Fletcher Wimberly, Anna Eugenia Hopson, Earnest Lee Cavender, Ellridge

Madison Cavender, Willie Claud Cavender, Lucius Stokes Cavender.

Wit: S. C. Cavender, W. P. Brown.

Adm: J. T. Spencer

Filed Sept. 13, 1902 ;Rec'd Nov 15, 1902



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