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Probate Minutes - Vol. A
Some Early Guardianships

Extracted by Barbara Knox

ANDREWS, James A. L. March 27, 1852

John M. Andrews, father of James (under 14 years) petitions for guardianship; approved.  Appointed as estate appraisers: John W. Berry, W. P. Beal and James W. Loyd April 1854. Andrews granted permission to sell interest (belonging to James) in land grant ( originally issued to Sarah J. Andrews and George D. A. McMcKnight)

ANTHONY, John W. H. and Mary E. B. March 12, 1852.

B. W. F. Watson (uncle) petitions for guardianship by special order of his mother, Susan T. Knott.  John Anthony, age 12, is a minor heir of William Anthony, decd. of Mississippi. Watson failed to give bond and guardianship was recinded at May Term of Court; this order recinded on promise of Watson to make bond.

BUTLER, Edney Jane, Mininday and Milissa.

James P. Laughlin peititioned for guardianship. Edney Jane Butler was over age 14. At October Term Levi Nobles, John Baker and Alfred Atkinson, of Kaufman County, Texas were appointed to appraise the real estate belonging to the heirs of W. F. C. Butler, decd. in said county. Guardian's final report dated Feb. 20, 1853.

BELL, Jane and Mary

Robert H. and Margret Goodloe  (their mother) petitioned for guardianship of estate of Jane and Mary Bell, Approved March Term 1855.

COUCH, Susan

J. J. W. Couch petitiond for guardianship stating that Susan was his sister; that he was her guardian in Tennessee; that she came to Texas with him; that property of said Susan J. Couch was $320.00 in cash. Approved with W. J. Patton and C. E. Newton securities. July 31, 1854.

DIXON, Isaac J., William W. and Mary Elizabeth.

Jonathan B. Billingsley petitioned for guardianship of said persons and their estate, stating that John Dixon, deceased, moved to Dallas County, Texas, in the fall of 1845 where he lived until the spring of 1849 and died in June 1850, leaving his wife, Susan, two sons, Isaac J. and William W., and daughter, Mary Elizabeth, minors under the age of 14. Approved. Securities: I. J. Woolsey and W. C. Billingsley. Samuel Myers, William Balch and Samuel Billingsley appointed appraisers of estate of minor children. June 13, 1852.

DILLARD, Susan and John

J. W. Berry, attorney, petitioned for guardianship in order to settle estate of John Dillard, deceased. John Dillard's widow is Sarah Dillard Mayfield, mother of the minor children. Estate consists of a league of land in Williamson County, Texas, headright of John Dillard.  Granville L. Hickey appointed guardian of minors with James E. Patton and William Young as securities.  William Black, Daniel Love and Shepherd Baker ordered to appraise estate.  June 15, 1852.

GREATHOUSE, John M., George M., Joel, Melissa A., Elijah D., Margret Ellen and Thomas,

Mary Ann Greathouse petitioned for guardianship of above-named minor heirs of Archibald Greathouse, deceased. Approved April 1854.

HANBY, Charles Henry and Mary Jane.

Purcula Billingsley petitioned for guardianship stating she was former wife of Frederick Hanby, deceased and mother of said minor children; that Hanby's headright is to be divided between minor heirs and herself. Approved. Newton Chapman, Robert Billingsley and William Laughlin appointed to appraise estate. May 18, 1852


Samuel Myers petitions court for apprenticeship of Lucy, stating that she lived with him, had no parents and no estate. Application and indenture filed June 28, 1852.

HOWE, Mary Jane, Anne L. and William

Above are minor heirs of William Howe, Sr., who died Nov. 1, 1854; Guy M. Stokes was guardian of minors in Navarro County, Texas. In February 1854, in Ellis County, William L. Mitchell was dismissed [as guardian] by the court, and Guy M. Stokes re-appointed with  William J. Stokes and Clinton M. Winkler sureties.


Thressa J. L. Killough, widow of Silas H. Killough, (died Jan. 2, 1852), petitioned for guardianship, stating that Susan Killough had no relatives in the state. Approved. Emory F. Rogers and David P. Fearis securities on bond. Joseph W. Whittenburg, H. D. Marchbanks and William Young appointed appraisers of estate. Jan. 8, 1852

KIRK, Lovice.

J. B. Region appointed guardian after making bond and taking oath. October Term 1854

KIRKLAND, Thomas J., Isaac P. and Emiline.

Margret Kirkland petitioned for guardianship of minor heirs of P. Kirkland.

KNOTT, Emma G. and Charles A.

B. W. Watson petitioned for guardianship of said minor children of Susan S. Knott, who lives in Mississippi.

LACY, John and Benjamin B.

Samual Lacy (brother) petitions for guardianship of minors (John over 14 years of age). Approved if bond and oath meet requirements by law.

MAYFIELD, Samuel Mayfield

Above being  over age of 14, chooses Michael Boren as guardian (September Court Term 1854). At December Term, Samuel Mayfield, chooses William W. Parks as guardian, and Parks appointed by court. Parks also appointed guardian of Sarah Ann, Henry R. and Huldy Mayfield, minor heirs of Sarah Mayfield.

McCLURE, Joseph M. and Sarah Jane.

Rebecca M. Parker, mother of minor children named above who are, heirs of  (her husband) Hugh R. McClure, (now decd), petitioned for guardianship. Approved. On May 3 1854, William Balch was appointed guardian, he stating that both parents of minors were deceased and that he was the grandfather. Approved. Robert Billingsley, John R. Billingsley and Abram Onstott appointed appraisers of estate of said minors. July 3, 1852

MURRY. William.

[March 27, 1854] W. D. King petitioned for guardianship of William Murry, minor over 14 years; but at April Court Term, William Murry chose Benjamin Monroe as guardian.

SELBY, Mary Frances, Sarah and John.

David Evans petitioned for guardianship of minor heirs of Thomas Selby, deceased. Approved. George Parks, Hammen Hurst and Josiah B. Woolsey appointed appraisers of estate.

SMITH, Aley M.

James K. Smith petitioned for guardianship of said Aley, daughter of David Smith, deceased, now over 14. Approved. Simeon Odom, G. W. Meadows and A. D. Kennard appointed to appraise estate. January Term 1854.

SQUIRES, Juliet, George and Mary Jane.

Phebe Evans, grandmother of said minor heirs of Martin Squires, decd., petitions for guardianship. Approved. Isiah P. Woolsey, John Nugent and Geo. C. Parks appointed to appraise estate. December Term 1850


Above is minor heir of Thomas B. Stokes; he being over age 14, chose William J. Stokes as guardian. Approved 16 Aug. 1854.

SWEATT, Richard V. B. Sweatt, George B. Sweatt and Cynisca Sweatt, heirs of Edward Sweatt, deceased.

Nancy M. Sweatt, mother of said minors and widow of Edward, petitioned for guardianship. N. P. Sims, P. C. Sims and L. W. Lloyd appointed appraisers. January Term 1854

SWEATT, Edward V. B.,  Mary E., Sarah F., and March E., minor heirs of Edward Carrol Sweatt. Sarah A. Sweatt, widow of E. C. Sweatt, petitioned for guardianship.  Appointed appraisers:. N. P. Sims, P. C. Sims and I. W. Lloyd . January Term 1854.

WOOLSEY, Gilbert L. , Martha Elizabeth and Francis L.

Heirs G. C. Woolsey deceased. Josiah P. Woolsey, (brother G. C. Woolsey), petitioned for guardianship, stating that Gilbert C. Woolsey died in Arkansas in the fall of 1851 where he had moved from Denton County, Texas after the death of his wife. Approved. James Billingsley, Asa R. Newton and Jesse Billingsley appointed to appraise estate. [no date given]


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